Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Principles In Liberty 3

Here we cover the 4th and 5th ammendments with a some parts extracted from Adam Curry's DailySourceCode podcast.


Recorded on Jan 6, 2008
00:15 What a gap in time!
00:48 technical problems
02:30 interviews are comming
02:50 credit for bumper music to Mark Isham
04:17 Fourth Ammendment
05:00 Airport searches violate this
06:35 Naomi Wolf reference
08:40 SPOT program exceeding bounds of this ammendment
09:04 Oaths required
10:12 Section 5 of Pensylvania Minority Report
11:20 Section 14 of the Virginia convention
12:37 Articles of Confederation contrasted with constitution
14:14 Excerpts from Adam Curry's podcasts DSC nov 1st 2007 & Jan 4th 2008 on his TSA experience (see http://dailysourcecode.podshow.com)
20:18 Fifth Ammendment
21:14 Grand Juries
21:47 the prosecutor is the people
23:05 Military and war exceptions
23:30 Executive orders take advantage of these
24:25 War vs Peace in constitution
25:04 Double jeopardy
25:21 multiple jurisdictional jeopardy
26:25 Buck act & emergency laws have confused jurisdictions
27:55 Jury decison should be final
28:35 Testifying against self

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