Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Principles In Liberty 11

Back to jus lillo me. I decided that it was most valueable to read the entire Pensylvania Minority report to you and comment on it. An awesome article!

Recorded on 2/6/2008

00:50 The Pensylvania Minority Report
01:46 Intro to the report
02:46 Start reading the report
04:50 Convention was called to merely ammend the articles of confederation, not to do more.
06:15 Pensylvania's 6 reps were opposed from the beginning.
06:50 A work (the constitution) of haste.
07:55 Intro to the points by me.
08:40 Point 1: Right of consience/religion
09:10 Point 2: Trial by Jury
09:23 Point 3: Due process preserved in fed courts
10:03 Point 4: Excessive bail/fines not allowed
10:35 Point 5: Warrants need evidence to back them up
11:09 Point 6: Freedom of speech/press
11:24 Point 7: Right to bear arms, Military under civil authority
12:00 Point 8: Right to hunt/fish on public lands
12:31 Point 9: Limits on modes of taxation by fed
12:50 Poitn 10: Preserve district sizes by growing rep count appropriately.
14:28 Point 11: Militia stays under control of the states.
15:40 Point 12: Separation of powers, constitutional council appointed to interpret the constituition
16:19 Point 13: Treaties cannot override existing laws/constitutions.
16:51 Point 14: Judicial jurisdiction limits spelled out, Preservation of inheritance, titles, contracts.
18:22 Post point part of minority report
19:20 the People are acountable
19:50 Dissent reasons - can't manage a large nation without despotism or federalism
20:40 Quotes federalist Wilson to make following points:
21:20 Looks like the size of our land naturally forces us towards despotism
22:21 Fed must eventually absorb the powers of the states by design of the union.
24:36 The constitution grants full power over the purse and sword to the fed.
25:17 Section 8, Article 1
25:40 Congress taxes not limited by mode, eventually overriding the state's ability to tax.
26:39 General welfare clause opens the gates.
27:06 Article 6 allows treaties to override constitution.
27:50 Constitution contains blinds to prevent perception of its weaknesses.
28:25 Jurisdictions of state/fed governments are not well defined and thus collide.
To be continued...

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