Monday, February 25, 2008

Principles In Liberty 13

Finishing off the Pensylvania Minority Report

Recorded on 2/22/2008 and 2/25/2008

Continuing reading of the Pensylvania Minority Report from the Anti-Federalist Papers
00:29 Intro.
00:50 Trial by Jury
01:15 Civil courts too expensive - wealthy will prevail
01:32 Blackstone site: Issue over an Ox cost ridiculous amounts of time and money back in england.
02:50 Civil courts, especially appeals with be prohibitivly expensive for the average man.
03:40 Trial by Jury in criminal cases can be avoided by Civil proceedings.
04:23 No provision for trial to be in the same county as the crime.
04:44 Judges may not be unbiased due to fees and other instruments in place.
05:05 My case - traffic court fees go to the judges pension
05:41 Some comments on jury trial by me
06:30 Civil vs Common Law - my attempts to understand this
08:07 Mixture of powers allowed in constitution.
08:36 Judges appointed by Executive and Senate
08:49 Senate has treaty power to override constitution and state laws.
09:30 Only a relatively few people control this power thus open to corruption and control
10:06 Senate presides over impeachments - what about the senate itself?
10:42 Montesque: separation of powers absolutely necessary for freedom.
11:54 President is dangerously connected with the senate
12:13 Power of pardoning can be used to free co-actors in evil acts.
12:33 Small independent council recommended to rule on any executive step.
12:50 My Comments about pardons going on now.
13:36 Direct taxing power can override all other taxes and endanger private property rights.
14:12 My comments - no limit on tax amounts or modes.
14:30 What if we had % tax limits?
15:13 No control by the states on federal taxes.
15:50 Reps will not be responsive to the people.
16:20 Keeping reps tied closely to the people helps prevent them from passing opressive laws.
16:48 My comments - Our congressmen don't use our SSN system - but use their own pension system.
18:05 Not enough reps - too many people represented by each. They won't really represent the people.
19:45 My Comments - we got the bill of rights so it didn't decay as fast as they had expected.
20:33 Congress will not posess the confidence of the people, requireing armys to compell obedience to the laws.
21:35 A standing army (militia) is a big problem.
22:10 My Comments - militia may eventually be used to take our own property.
22:58 Militia could compell militias of one state to oppress the citizens of others.
23:30 Contientous objectors were honored in the revoluntionary war but may not be for the militia.
24:02 Militia may be used to extinguish the last struggles of liberty.
24:43 My comments - militia used to divide the people.
25:10 They think this is all planned to destroy liberty.
25:40 Swarms of officers will devour the land.
26:05 Summary - these are only our largest objections of a general nature only.
26:45 End of the Minority Report: My comments
27:37 We are never taught in public school about the confederacy prior to the constitution for comparison.
28:34 We rarely study the state constitutions in school either.

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