Friday, February 1, 2008

Principles In Liberty 8

Steve Pidgeon continues with more discussions on moral society and how it relates to our freedom and the wellbeing of a society.


Recorded on January 31st, 2008

00:43 S1185, once passed, opens the door to full blown pagan society.
01:20 This gives any nation the moral authority to destroy us.
01:48 Barny Frank attempted to create a separate class for the enda bill to eliminate "Sexual Orientation"
02:30 This effects the Church and starts persecution of the Church.
03:25 The necessity of the 10 commandments in the town square to support a free society.
03:56 Where is the line for christians to respect government authority?
05:19 There is nothing that belongs to Cezar.
05:36 Can government commit a crime?
05:50 Ahab and Jezibel confiscating a vineyard.
07:20 Can the state murder?
07:41 5th Ammendment - allows for confiscation of property.
09:05 Supreme Court decision changed "public use" to include whatever increases tax revenues.
10:00 Real Estate crash is part of the wrath of God.
10:15 Stalin
12:00 Iraq was at one time green.
12:38 Christians should never revolt - but stand firm and be persecuted.
12:56 Mark of the beast.
15:05 When do you not pay taxes or get rid of your SSN?
16:49 2 Samuel - the time of the judges, led by God. No capital, no head to cut off.
21:00 Churches want the tithe for the storehouse, but that has been subverted by government.
21:35 Three tithes in the Bible.
22:12 Moral tax rate is 13% and no more.
22:40 What is the "church" today?
23:00 501C3 tax protection racket corrupts the church.
24:00 Who is the Church?
24:30 What is the tithe?
25:00 Mission trip in TIbolisi, Georgia - example of lost church.
25:57 Persecution for the church in the US is comming.
26:13 There is moral authority for the state to impose up to 13% flat tax only.
26:49 Hong Kong has done this. Look at the results.
27:00 SSN Crash, Ecconomic vitality proposal. What is comming financially.
28:25 How to privatze the SSN system.

More of this interview comming in our next podcast...

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