Saturday, February 2, 2008

Principles In Liberty 9

Yet more of my interview with Steve Pidgeon. Enjoy!

Recorded on January 31st, 2008

00:40 How to privatze the SSN system.
01:06 We are now spending 4 trillion $ per year more than we take in right now.
01:48 Debt of 60 Trillion $, drivitive debt of 55 trillion, trade deficit of 1 trillion $/year.
02:40 FED drops rates - suicide freefall of the dollar.
03:11 New home sales down 40% from 2006.
03:39 median home price dropped 10% in december of 2007.
04:00 Single largest plummit in home prices since WWII
04:24 Caused by an immoral tax rate.
04:40 Progressive taxes are immoral.
05:15 Governments that are not righteous are subject to the wrath of God.
05:33 We can't even chose to pay just 13%
06:11 Supreme court will not hear the question of if we are allowed to withold support if it continuse to not redress our grievences.
06:49 Thou shalt not steal applies to governments.
07:00 Property tax is theft.
08:40 Italian propety rights still honored.
11:50 God, Family, Country in that order.
12:07 Fed Govt pays states $3 or every $ collected in child support.
13:40 Over taxation leads to oppression and imballance.
14:49 One foot away from a complete colapse of the federal system.
16:00 What a Christian should do. Prayer, Read the Word, Engage the culture.
18:00 What is Freedom, What is Truth, What is Rightousness?
20:32 The solid ground of truth.
20:52 Government has a duty to find rightousness or the social order will collapse.
21:15 Maria Can't Do too well.
22:00 The disaster of our ecconomy.
24:20 Europe going Muslim
26:00 Prices will go up sharply.
26:15 China support
26:50 Banks will disappear - will take 1.5 years to work out.
27:00 one airline likely left.
27:40 Soviet Union collapsed the same way.
29:00 Real Estate run up to make us look healthy.

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