Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Principles in Liberty 20

Recorded on 4/22/2008

00:32 Expelled - No Intelligence allowed reviewed
01:40 Kent Hovind's Creation Science Seminar
02:10 Hovind is currently in jail for structuring.
03:30 A creator is the only source of rights which the state cannot userp. Thus world view is the source of freedom in society.
04:30 Science may someday meet God!
05:06 The results of evolutionary thought.
05:44 We live in interesting times.
06:11 The singing revolution movie reviewed.
06:53 Perplexed at the balance preached in our churches.
07:50 The prospect of a revolution - messy.
08:30 Maybe we are going into a great time of enlightenment.
09:38 Anti-Terrorist sweep in three states - what IS a terrorist anyway?
11:09 Hobbs - Leviathan - good book.
13:40 God ordains authorities - state, church, family. Balance is key.
14:30 Sadness for the falling of a great nation.

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