Friday, April 10, 2009

Principles In Liberty 36

This episode is the full 4 hour recording of the Seattle Continental Congress Meeting held on April 8th at the University of Washington. Enjoy!

Recorded on 4/8/2009
00:30 PreIntro
02:34 Intro and Prayer
04:41 Steve Pidgeon Intro of Bob
05:00 Constitution is in great danger: overview of where we are
05:45 Constitution is the only source of legit power for this out-of-control government
06:23 What can we do?
06:40 Must use lawful means
07:36 Self-proving rubrik of the truth.
07:57 Democratic components does not make a democracy
08:16 Bill of rights - first ammendment
08:53 Intro of Bob Schulz
09:40 Bob Schulz - pledge to the constitution.
10:15 Constitutional Quiz of the Audience
11:15 Declaration of Independence relationship to the Constitution
11:35 Doctrine of popular sovreignty.
12:15 Is the government violating the constitution? Audience participation.
12:44 Money clause
13:10 Article 5 - refuse to call an convention
13:45 Taxation clauses
14:00 Habeus Corpus
14:25 Free speech
14:31 Searches and seizures - police state
15:00 Commerce powers abused
15:17 War powers
15:50 Natural born citizen clause
16:19 Licensed mariages
16:30 Education, Healthcare work - not authorized
17:10 Money bills originate in house
17:30 Eminent domain, ownership of public lands
18:00 Ex: Bridgeport attempted to take land for private purposes from other private parties
19:10 Imigration
21:11 What can we do to correct this?
21:48 Is there an accountability clause?
23:00 Redress of grievences
23:35 5 freedoms guaranteed by the first ammendment.
25:40 Redress of grievence clause never ruled on by any court.
27:09 If govt. refuses to redress our grievences we have a right to withdraw out support.
27:30 Just try it. Individuals and small groups cannot withdraw successfully.
28:05 Gandhi example
29:15 MLK followed this example - proactive, nonviolent, mass movement, successful
29:40 Critical mass needed via Continental Congress to restore the constitution
30:30 Bob's bio background
39:00 Learned law to defend himself from government retaliation
40:00 Set up TCTA
40:35 formed ACTA
41:36 set up WTP
43:00 Civic Education and Action both are needed.
44:00 We compare govt. actions with its constitution and if they are out of line we proactively take legal action by right to petition of redress of greivences to hold the govt. accountable to its governing documents.
45:45 WTP Congress will be carrying this forward.
46:00 Institutionalizing vigilence - devoting the rest of my life
46:40 Tasks: Distribute information about our documents that people are not getting.
46:56 Scrutinize government at every level and confront it.
47:35 Capital Domes
48:30 WTP will build distinctive architecture buildings to accomplish vigilance just as domes signify the center of government.
49:00 People are pationate - use it for vigilence.
49:36 Current project - Contintntal Congress
49:45 History of first one
50:20 1763, relationship between Brittan and colonies began to sour
51:10 11 years of petitioning for redress of greivences
51:35 Jefferson's task of prosecuting these petitions.
52:00 They decided to call the congress just to talk about the situation in 1774.
53:00 We are in exactly the same situation today.
53:35 We need to do the same thing they did today.
54:45 They tried the articles of confederation
54:58 Then the constitution was written - creating the only place for liberty anywhere in history.
55:48 We need to repeat this history.
56:00 State legislatures are invited to send reps as well but will not participate - just observe.
57:00 Every word uttered will be live webcast and transcribed.
58:40 Use this to connect the dots in the minds of people all over the world.
1:00:45 Get the critical mass of understanding needed to follow the recomendations of the CC.
1:01:15 50 websites - one for each state.
1:02:00 Before this year is over we will know just how many people care and the character of our country.
1:02:55 WTP can only do so much. What we can do...
1:05:00 Why did you come here?
1:05:05 Bailout made us come - the people objected and our reps ignored us.
1:06:18 Looking for nonviolent method that may work
1:06:45 I had questions
1:06:50 Judicial remedy was being pursued and failed, came to monitor this approach.
1:07:30 Is Judiciary politicized and corrupt? (Duh yes)
1:07:55 Constitution is obviously being violated.
1:08:00 This is a way to do something.
1:08:30 All the evidence support the claim that the govt. is violating numerous parts of the constitution.
1:09:20 The record shows that the govt. refuses to justify or ammend their behavior.
1:09:49 What is our duty as a free people?
1:10:37 It is every mans duty to protect the constitution.
1:11:20 Are you willing to assist in making this congress happen and reaching out to people?
1:12:00 3/4 of the audience stood in answer to this question.
1:12:30 Signing of citizen action form
1:12:44 Break (cut)
1:13:10 The redress of grievence IS an accountability clause. (We also have one in the second ammendment.)
1:13:39 How do we know what was in the minds of the founders when they wrote this clause?
1:14:10 Magna Carta - 1215 note that this is different from the more commonly seen 1297 version.
1:15:30 Section 61
1:16:40 Allows people to take the property of the barons accountable for making redress if not so redressed within 40 days.
1:18:20 King James example: Popes refused to read freedom of religeion proclimation - but the king put them in the dungeon. They defended with the arguement that they were petitioning the king for redress of greivence - the jury let them go.
1:19:25 Setpember 1774 Phillidelphia Continental Congress was called.
1:20:50 October 1774 Congress passed act to get Canadians to sympathize with their plight
1:21:22 Journals of the Continental Congress page 107
1:21:30 Act Quoted: says we have right to withhold money till grievences are redressed.
1:22:40 Jefferson quote from letter to Lord North
1:24:40 Declaration of Independence spends 3 of 5 pages listing greivences.
1:25:05 the capstone greivence of the Declaration.
1:26:30 States started adopting their state constitutions after the Declaration was signed.
1:27:00 New Hampshire Constitution quote Article 10 Right of Revolution
1:28:44 Most important sentence in the Constitution
1:30:00 Any right that is not enforcable is not a right
1:30:55 10 law review articles published on the right to petition for redress of grievences
1:31:20 A citizen sent a letter that caused all this.
1:32:00 Supreme court note on redress of greivences.
1:32:46 two of these reviews are really good.
1:33:00 Prof. Akhil Reed Amar - Yale Law Journal The Bill of Rights as a Constitution
1:33:17 Prof. Gregory Mark - Rutgers University The Vestigial Constitution: The History and
significance of the right to petition
1:33:30 Until 1830 people were participating in their government - you always got an answer from congress
1:34:27 What changed? Southern congressmen passed a gag rule against abolitionists.
1:34:55 Took J. Q. Adams 8 years to get the gag rule repealed.
1:35:45 Rights of free speech, press, assemblage, drived from the necesity to protect the right to petition for redress.
1:37:35 We and lots of others have been petitioning for redress of grievences. All of this is documented on
1:38:00 1995 Mexican Peso petition
1:38:25 Judicial doctrine of standing and its abuse
1:42:40 1999 Kosovo bombing
1:45:50 1999 IRS questions by Joe Banister
1:47:20 Geoff Metcalf interviews Devvy Kidd and gets Joe Banister's attention.
1:49:15 Invited congress to a meeting to answer Banister's questions. CSPAN covered it.
1:50:10 Tried it again in November.
1:50:40 Petition served on congress and president with delegates for all states in April.
1:55:13 Try again in June.
1:57:23 Washington Times Ad
1:58:00 USA Today Ad
1:58:50 David Cay Johnson calls about hearing on ad
1:59:36 witness list for hearing on ad is closed to Bob.
1:59:50 Walk around IRS building 7 times and ask for interview.
2:00:00 Witness list was closed reminder - Went to hearing anyway.
2:01:00 Witness on stand suggests the committee answer's Bob's questions - they ignore her.
2:01:45 Hunger fast
2:03:30 Lawrence Linsay writes a note to convince Bob to stop the fast.
2:04:00 Roscoe Bartlett helps Bob connect to the government - sets up meeting.
2:06:00 911 interrupts plans
2:07:00 Set up pay-per-view system to webcast meeting - government backed out. Meeting went on anyway.
2:09:30 Iraq War Resolution - Henry Hyde says "events have overtaken the constitution"
2:13:40 Petitions are treated as depositions.
2:15:20 November 14th, Served 4 petitions at once. FED, Patriot Act, IRS, Iraq Resolution
2:18:40 Other petitions: Gun control laws, North American. Union, Immigration laws not being enforced, Computerized vote counting, AIG bailout
2:19:00 Lawsuit and restraining order on AIG bailout.
2:22:00 Closed doors meeting called and congress blackmailed that evening to bail out AIG. Paulson asks congress to authorize $ transfer.
2:23:19 Another lawsuit (last September)
2:23:43 Decision just rendered recently - lack of standing of course.
2:25:00 Our capstone greivance
2:26:00 Is Government obligated to respond to a petition for redress of greivances?
2:26:10 Can we withold our support in taxes until greivances are addressed?
2:26:41 Stare decisis
2:28:36 Smith vs Arkansas
2:29:30 Minnesota vs Knight
2:31:33 Judith Rodgers writes decision that stare decisis does not apply
2:33:12 Supreme court denies case
2:33:50 Leaves us with no choice but a Continental Congress
2:35:00 Electoral process cannot solve this problem.
2:36:00 AIPAC
2:36:50 Our rights are not dependent upon a majority vote - they are absolute.
2:38:00 States and Federal Government are intertwined and comprimised.
2:38:30 Corporate American and Corporate Media will not help.
2:39:00 Continental Congress will happen this year.
2:39:40 Questions on Continental Congress
2:41:50 Q: How do we all get on the same page?
2:42:08 Rocketship analogy
2:44:00 Solving problem politically just wastes our energy - this is a constitutional/legal problem, not a political problem.
2:45:30 We must somehow channel this energy.
2:45:45 Idea came while on the road to Jacksonville - Jeckyl Island
2:46:12 The creature from Jeckyl Island
2:47:00 The story of the FED in short.
2:50:00 Get the leaders of all the constitiutional/conservative groups to agree on the idea of supporting the Continental Congress - meet at Jeckyl Island 3rd week of May.
2:52:00 Train # 97 from New Jersey
2:53:20 Q: Article 5 issue - 750 calls for a convention from the states have been issued but congress refuses to call a convention.
2:55:11 Q: Why are you not in favor of calling a convention by congress?
2:56:00 A: How will an ammended constitution gain anymore respect than what we have now?
2:57:30 Take a vote to see if we should keep discussing this question.
2:59:16 Announcement by me about this recording and transcription
3:00:30 A: We don't have time for that approach.
3:02:00 Fine we can both pursue our courses.
3:02:40 Congress refuses to call a convention - clarification.
3:03:20 Steve Pidgeon chimes in. TARP, International currency, FSB, Nationalized GM, Banks, Insurance, Supreme court is not making constitutional decisions and is gutting the bill of rights.
3:04:30 A lawyer intends to supplant the constitution with international law within 30 days.
3:06:15 Natural Born Citizen issue demonstrates how our movement is cutting itself to pieces.
3:06:50 Rocketship analogy - we can have multiple engines working together.
3:07:30 Tea Party situation
3:07:40 Bob now thinks he understands the question.
3:08:24 The Continental Congress would have your issue on the table as well.
3:09:16 Barak Obama violated federal criminal law so he can't hold office.
3:09:43 Q: How will order be handled in the congress?
3:09:50 A: Roberts rules of order.
3:10:25 Procedure for nominating and electing delegates.
3:11:40 50 state websites
3:13:20 Q: What about Obama's elegibility as a redress petition? (NBC issue)
3:13:30 A: You asked, here's the answer
3:15:00 Interrupted
3:18:05 Took out an Ad in the Chicago Tribune - An Open Letter to Barak Obama asking him to make his birth certificate public along with other info. - no response.
3:20:40 Audience member comment on redress of grievance.
3:21:00 Steve Pidgeon opinion/input - courts are corrupt
3:21:31 Bob - true story - Leo Donofrio case
3:22:30 Today Show - Pete Williams talks about Donofrio case
3:23:10 Democracy - founders rejected it. There has never been a democracy that didn't commit suicide.
3:23:40 Q: How do you fund this movement?
3:24:00 A: Low overhead and donations.
3:26:00 Applause
3:26:20 No financial angels. All small donations.
3:27:10 IRS has audited the operation.
3:28:15 Q: What entities are we addressing? Dejure vs Defacto Government. Is entity bankrupt and if so does it apply?
3:29:00 A: Any act of congress repugnant to the constitution is null and void.
3:29:30 A: IF this is true, then have them tell us and we will deal with it. Otherwise assume things are normal. Silence is admission or fraud. Natural rights are not nullified.
3:30:15 Q: What if our rights are nullified?
3:30:40 A: Its right here in the document.
3:31:00 Steve Pidgeon: Userpation happens regardless of bankruptcy. Sovreign law is not bankrupt.
3:32:20 Government doesn't like bad press.
3:32:50 Lets say the congress says we withdraw our support - if 15-20M people do it, the government will have to pay attention.
3:34:20 Photo on parade magazine that stuck in my mind. Sympathy immediately went to the people due to that picture.
3:36:10 Q: Suppose we get people to withhold their money - what about the government printing money?
3:36:36 A: Lender security will make inflation option inviable.
3:37:07 Philander Knox
3:38:10 How it works. The FED lends it into circulation. The income tax pays the FED. So no tax income kills the government's money source.
3:39:50 86% of FED income comes from personal income taxes.
3:40:24 Official end of meeting
3:40:41 My closing remarks - thanks for your patience!