Monday, August 31, 2009

Principles In Liberty 43

The Thoughts of E. C. ReigelPart 2

Recorded on 8/28/2009

The Thoughts of E. C. Reigel Part 2
00:37 Chapter 2 - The difference between barter, credit and money.
04:41 Money and Credit are not the same - my comments
07:07 Money - the organizer
09:21 Money has a lifespan
12:07 System and Unit
12:10 Money has two meanings - the concept and the instrument
10:04 To think of currency as money and checks as substitute money is profoundly mistaken.
17:34 Defn. of money
17:51 My comments
19:20 Government gets into every exchange.
19:44 Income tax is getting into an exchange.
20:20 Federal Reserve is getting into the creation of money and the interest forces the creation of more money.
21:50 Dave Ramsey - good guy but may be leading us down the wrong path
25:05 What Reigal is teaching should be taught in every high school.
26:40 California's IOUs = theft becasue they won't take what they dish out.
27:49 We can use contract to make our own money.
29:25 Prerequisite to this working is integrety.

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