Friday, January 15, 2010

Principles In Liberty 46

Recorded on 1/14/2010

0:0 Interviews with some protesters and some brief comments on HB 2708,2709,2710, 2711, 2712, and HR 2713
4:21:19 Steve Pidgeon Talks
5:00 Enumerated powers of the Federal Government listed
5:47 What's not there - Federal Parks
6:00 Education
6:13 Healthcare
6:14 Titles of Nobility
7:00 Lost 13th Ammendment
8:00 10th Ammendment
8:20 Gold and Silver is lawful tinder
9:00 A republican form of government
9:20 We must raise the banner of freedom in this state. These bills are important.
10:00 Representatives have no legal authority to hold office if they don't respect the constitution.
10:30 Violations of the constitution are tyrany
10:56 Quo Waranto - Allows anybody to file charges against any public office or franchise for userpations of authority.
12:27 Let us support these bills
12:48 Tim Eyman
13:30 We can't trust people. We must trust policies.
14:10 Sports stadium - rejected by voters, built anyway - a watershed moment where the people were publicly ignored.
14:50 $30 car tabs - are we paying that? No.
16:00 The issue today has been voted on 3 times. It should take 2/3rds of the legislature to raise taxes. So we are doing this a 4th time.
17:35 We need better people in place so the inituitive process works. This initiuitve will separate the good guys from the bad ones.
18:15 Tax issues are perfectly separated by party lines.
18:33 Newspapers agree with the people - taxes should not be raised in a recession.
18:50 Don't be overconfident about this inituitive - we need 300,000 signatures.
19:22 That's 2000 signatures per day.
20:20 Sign up to help now.
20:55 Next Tea Party date: July 17th. WashStock
21:30 Wrapup by me
22:00 Rally turnout comments
22:36 People will wake up when they have to.
22:50 My proposal to Tim Eyman - lets make the inituitive process virtual!
24:00 13th amendment was discussed in this podcast.
24:20 A wheelchair veteran was in the audience - were you?
24:40 Got to meet Red Beckman - a neat guy that did a great work.
25:10 Hopefully I will be able to interview Red in a future episode!