Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So where have I been?

You may have noticed no posts to this place in a long time.  That's because I am working again.  Somehow, by my trusting people that call themselves experts in money, and by just some dumb ideas of my own, I have managed in just 12 years to turn about 8 million $ of savings into almost nothing!  So I guess my money ideas must be full of bunk no?  Well actually not.  I didn't listen to my own advice - I knew gold and silver were where I should have my money but I got fooled into thinking it wouldn't grow there.  Fact is, had I taken that 8M$ and put it into cash and later gold at the right time, I would now be worth about 100M$ - but that isn't really getting rich - that is just by holding a commodoty that holds its value better than our cash.
Several posts to this blog talk about money and I still believe all of it.
So now I am working for a living again, back into the rat race and at an age that is not nearly as fun to be working at when I was 30.  We all pay for our sins, individually and collectively.
Well, you learn as you go and life is short.
A friend just posted this in my email showing graphically how in debt we are which I thought was well worth a link here.

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