Thursday, March 6, 2014

That viral "conservative" facebook post

I just HAD to respond to this viral video on facebook.
  1. What is right about this video:
    1. Government is the problem - but only part of it.
  2. What is wrong about this video:
    1. In all the administrations since Herbert Hoover, the size of government has grown regardless of the party in power.
    2. Neither side has:
      • Balanced the budget
      • Undone the damage of FDR with the New Deal
      • Repealed the Federal Reserve Act or the Internal Revenue Code
      • Restored Allodial property rights to individuals (non-corporations)
      • Restored Common Law to the courts and placed the Jury back where it belongs - to judge the facts AND the LAW.
      • Restored our constitutional boundaries since Lincoln broke them during the Civil War
The whole left-right thing is a game.

Liberals increase the size of government to support the poor by stealing from the taxpayer.  Conservatives increase the size of corporations by not reforming the government to obey the common law precepts of the Constitution, leaving power latently concentrated in the rich, powerful and better-organized.
Both powers - The Government and The Corporations, work together to incrementally increase each other's power until the average man is helpless in taxes, regulations, phony law, wars, miss-education, and propaganda.
Rush, Hannity, and Levin will never explain these concepts to you!  They will never let you peek at the wizard behind the curtain because if they did, their advertisers would drop them in a heartbeat and they would be instant history.

Two sources I recommend:

Follow the value-for-value model of No Agenda and you will start to get at truth.

Learn the real history of Allodial property rights, property taxes, income taxes, Federal Reserve Notes, International Banking and Common Law Juries.

There are lots of these ideas expressed in this blog and out there on the internet.  Get off of this political Merry-Go-Round and learn how to govern yourselves.

The only nation that can truly be free is the one that holds God as the only true god, and understands the Bible deep enough to apply its concepts to every day life and government.

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