Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Venus Project Reviewed

This is a review of a video I recently watched on YouTube located here.
Ah, another Utopian dream by another socialist dreamer.
I hope the next generation watching this recognizes that this idea is marxism with a face-lift.  Even though they say it isn't communism, it is.
Here is their line of thinking in a nut-shell:
If only we could make people be nice.  Obviously people are greedy because they don't have what they want.  People are mean because they aren't directed in the right directions and taught the right ideas.  With proper management based on resources, we can supply all the needs of everyone and once everyone is happy, a new and cool world emerges.
Oh its just so technical and complex, just leave the details to your controllers and sit back and relax as we engineer the perfect world for you.  No money.  No property.  Just managed bliss.
This can't work because people are inherently evil - which every humanist never recognizes.
What is needed to solve our problems is, at the root, a justice system that works.  My jury driven idea I think has a good chance of creating a self-governing society by forcing people to be responsible not only for their own lives but for the management of society.
Juries supply hard-to-corrupt justice based on their common sense, not a set of rules designed by utopian legislators.  Juries also allow for mercy.
In addition, property ownership should be absolute and allodial (non taxable) for individuals and fee-simple for corporations.  Property inheritance needs to be honored as sacred.  The problem isn't private property, but lack of full control of our property along with full responsibility for what we do with our property.  By having this kind of property ownership in place, it becomes more profitable for people to preserve their land instead of exploiting it.  This alone would help sustain the earth the way the utopians envision far better than any centrally managed system could.
Imagine how much corruption could be removed if a jury could be called by anyone against anyone at any time for the cheap cost of generating a jury and emailing them the complaint.  The Jury would hold both parties accountable and the jury itself could be held accountable to another jury should its decision be found unreasonable.  Jury decisions become final so there is no time wasted in an appeal process.  Outlawry is the ultimate punishment, banishing a non-compliant citizen to an existence without any social defense.
A massive and evil corporation could be dismantled over night by just 12 jurors while a poor little old lady could prosecute a burglar with a simple and inexpensive virtual jury trial.

Of course true religion and good morals would have to preside - but I think that would become a pretty natural outcome of an unencumbered jury system.

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