Saturday, February 13, 2016

Deadly Food

I have, over the years, become allergic to wheat and have found that sprouting it and then drying it and then grinding it into flour makes for some tasty bread that I don't react to as badly as I do to other breads.
I have some pretty old wheat I bought tons of for Y2K years ago and I have been sprouting that for my flour for several years.
I have also begun to sprout this wheat to eat the sprouts themselves as they are an excellent source of enzymes and live food.  Sprouting seeds also makes them go much further as feed for animals.

I recently purchased some seeds from Azure Standard to broaden my variety of sprouts and immediately mixed them with some of my old wheat and started sprouting them.
After two weeks, no luck.  Nothing sprouted at all in the mix.
So I tried again, but this time I sprouted the seeds separately. The fennel, chia and flax seeds I got from Azure Standard would not sprout while my old wheat sprouted fine.
This told me that not only was the Azure seed dead, it was deadly.  It killed my wheat when soaked in water with their seed!
Upon this discovery I asked Azure if I could return my seed for a refund.  The best I could get was a 50% buyback from them. (I had bought nearly $100 of seeds!)  They told me that the seed was not meant for sprouting.  They also mentioned over the phone that there were regulations that prevented them from telling people certain things about their seed.

Along with these seeds I tried to sprout some Einkorn wheat I got from  I bought this after skimming through the interesting book "The Wheat Belly" which explains that our epidemic problems with gluten allergies are due to changes in our wheat that have taken place genetically that are making the wheat indigestible to humans. This ancient Einkorn wheat also did not sprout.  When I tried to get my money back from the "GROW" people they pointed out that the website had clearly stated that this wheat was dehulled for human consumption. After telling them about this post they sent me about a 60% refund.  I have yet to try to sprout my old wheat with the Einkorn wheat to see if that too is deadly and not just dead.

I recently was talking with a person from our local health-food coop about this and she mentioned that she cannot sell non-organic-certified food grown by local growers.  Only the supermarket can do that.  However, she can buy the food from the grocery store (the very same stuff from the local growers) and resell that.  She can, however, still sell food she has personally grown.

Just last week I bought some tomato seeds for my garden.  A packet of 10 seeds cost about $2.  As I poured it out on my hand to plant I noticed that there was only about a gram of seed there or less!  You got it - individual tomato seeds costing some 20 cents each!!!

There is clearly some real shenanigans going on here. Regulations of our own government are skewing things to promote grocery chains, insert middlemen and kill our food.  I know that all imported food is radiated before we can get it to our tables. What in the world was done to the Azure seeds that killed my wheat?  The price of the live tomato seeds tells me a big source of the problem - the love of money!

I asked both the Einkorn wheat and Azure people how I can tell if my food is alive or not if they will not sprout?

No answers to this question have yet arrived.

I have let both Azure and the heritage grain conservancy know about this post and they are welcome to comment here and give their side of the story.

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