Friday, January 25, 2008

Principles In Liberty 6

This is an interesting one - because I'm not doing all the talking.
Meet our guest - Stephen Pidgeon.
Steve is a lawyer in several branches of law (Family, International, Business, etc.), a concert pianist and a heck of a smart guy.
Recorded on Jan 25th, 2008

00:26 A joke by Steve
01:00 Intro of Steve Pidgon, Lawyer, Concerpt Pianist and Intellectual at large
01:36 Steve speaks: Bill of rights
02:26 Nineth Ammendment
02:42 What are the rights retained by the people? The ten commandments.
03:40 First ammendment
04:11 What is a religion?
08:27 Islam - a political system more than it is a religion
09:00 what are the limits of religion?
10:00 Assuming separation of church and state - what do you teach in public school?
10:30 How do you establish a trusted fact?
11:20 A fundamental premise of judeo-christian system of thought
12:41 A divide in the our in thought about what is true - christian vs post-modern
14:00 license is not liberty
15:10 what is wrong with homosexuality?
15:44 Harvard Journal Report on Ecconomic effects of Homosexuality
16:50 Gay vs straight divorce rates compared
17:50 Effects of divorce
19:30 divorce is discouraging mariage
20:00 same sex mariage effects on progeny
22:00 The blurring of who has parental rights
22:55 Once a lesbian woman gets pregnant things change
23:50 Case law is showing broken gay mariages wanting to remove their ex-partner from their child.
25:23 Beethoven born of a mom with syphilis - world was gifted by his disability
26:00 The disabled glorify God
26:17 Secrets of the Gay Community
26:47 Mommy and Daddy outlawed from CA and discriminating locker rooms banned.
28:00 Lesbian domestic violence

... to be continued...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Principles In Liberty 5

In this episode we briefly cover the 5th ammendment from the previous episode, do some ranting, and move on to start covering the 6th ammendment.
I insert some snipits here from the Daily Source Code and No Agenda.


Recorded on Jan 16th and Jan 22nd, 2008

01:20 reading of the 5th ammendment
02:10 No Agenda insert from Nov 9th, 2007 - story of a texas abduction told by Adam Curry and John Devorak
07:00 comments on abduction
08:10 respect for the job of the president
09:30 intro to DSC excerpt about TSA
09:50 Nov. 2007 Daily Source Code excerpt "I'm on the list" by Adam Curry
12:28 Comments on this relating to the 5th ammendment
13:20 International treaties commented on
14:13 Idea that the supreme court interprets the constitution discussed
15:00 The "list" violates the 5th amendment.
15:41 Lemmings at the airport
16:00 Equal protection of the law implies the poeple can do exactly what the government does WRT the constitution.
16:50 National day of "unemergency".
18:14 Buy Wrong comments
18:56 Dropout comment
19:30 6th Ammendment read
20:10 comments on 6th ammendment

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Principles in Liberty 4

I finish up the 5th ammendment here and give some general liberty-like comments.

Recorded on Jan 16th, 2008
00:38 The Fifth Ammendment
02:30 Detention case mention in the DSC
03:00 Testimony against mariage partner bared
04:00 Womens sufferage - chief argument against is testifying against self.
06:30 Culture drives law
08:00 Public Education drives culture
09:10 Pensylvania Minority report - Section 3
10:10 Admiralty Law vs Civil/Criminal Law - the Law of the Land
12:34 Taking of property for public use without just compensation
14:23 General comments
15:00 Minority report in general
16:30 The natural decay of law and language
17:00 Guests are comming
18:38 Liberty concepts - false thinking destroys liberty

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Principles In Liberty 3

Here we cover the 4th and 5th ammendments with a some parts extracted from Adam Curry's DailySourceCode podcast.


Recorded on Jan 6, 2008
00:15 What a gap in time!
00:48 technical problems
02:30 interviews are comming
02:50 credit for bumper music to Mark Isham
04:17 Fourth Ammendment
05:00 Airport searches violate this
06:35 Naomi Wolf reference
08:40 SPOT program exceeding bounds of this ammendment
09:04 Oaths required
10:12 Section 5 of Pensylvania Minority Report
11:20 Section 14 of the Virginia convention
12:37 Articles of Confederation contrasted with constitution
14:14 Excerpts from Adam Curry's podcasts DSC nov 1st 2007 & Jan 4th 2008 on his TSA experience (see
20:18 Fifth Ammendment
21:14 Grand Juries
21:47 the prosecutor is the people
23:05 Military and war exceptions
23:30 Executive orders take advantage of these
24:25 War vs Peace in constitution
25:04 Double jeopardy
25:21 multiple jurisdictional jeopardy
26:25 Buck act & emergency laws have confused jurisdictions
27:55 Jury decison should be final
28:35 Testifying against self

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Principles In Liberty 2.5

I thought I would experiment with this a bit. Here is a mashup I made of parts of one of Adam Curry's Daily Source Code podcasts for fun.

Principles In Liberty 1

Well here we go with the first podcast!

Basically I start to go into the constitution here starting with the first amendment.

Recorded on Nov 28, 2006
00:30 Why I am doing this
01:35 My Dream
03:25 Money is not real
03:35 Licenses
04:33 Talking about the constitution
05:00 Bill of rights - where the rubber meets the road
06:06 Loss of language and Rhetoric
06:50 First Ammendment
08:35 A moral populace can have self government
09:29 right of assembly
11:26 right of petition for redress
12:12 we the people foundation (
13:16 from freedom to facisim movie
15:15 freedom of speech
15:56 Obsene vs free speech
16:42 fundamentals behind law - Truth/Love/Faithfulness
17:09 Juries
19:07 Establishment of and freedom of religion
19:30 true vs false religion
20:08 Maxims of law
20:45 Declaration of Independence - Creator acknowledged
22:39 True religion
23:10 The order of powers
23:40 Moral law
24:54 Waco
26:00 false religous arguments
26:40 Drugs
27:50 the argument for diversity
28:30 whacky religions tolerated by a truly religous society

Principles In Liberty 2

This was posted out of order - sorry.
Here is the second podcast covering the second and third amendments.
Recorded on Nov 29th 2006
0:0:36 Wrap up first ammendment
Federalist and Anti Federalist Papers - insight into the constitution
Pensylvania Minority Report - objections to the constitution by the anti-federalists
Founded the bill of rights
3:40 Section 1 of Minority Report - insight into religion/state issues
4:48 Why is religion sacred?
5:15 Section 6 - freedom of speech/press.
7:27 Second Ammendment
8:26 The problem of increased technology
9:50 England an example of gun control
10:00 The problem of defenseless people
11:26 This right has been infringed
11:38 Brady Bill translated from Hitler's germany
12:46 Section 7 of the Minority Report - why we need guns
13:13 What is the milita?
14:15 No disarming unless a crime was committed.
14:36 Standing armies - the state of peace vs war
16:08 Military under civilian control
16:28 Weapons needed by populace to become the milita
17:00 Hunting rights mentioned in section 7
17:44 Militia under control of the state
18:53 Possie Camatatus Act
20:27 Virgina Convention proposed bill of rights - more insight
20:42 point 17 - arms
24:00 NRA
24:38 Prisoners make guns
25:25 Police vs Peace Officer
26:20 Magistrates vs Judges
26:50 War powers act of 1917
27:17 Third Ammendment
28:24 Trusting the people - the grand experiment
29:00 Deceptive laws.