Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Principles in Liberty 4

I finish up the 5th ammendment here and give some general liberty-like comments.

Recorded on Jan 16th, 2008
00:38 The Fifth Ammendment
02:30 Detention case mention in the DSC
03:00 Testimony against mariage partner bared
04:00 Womens sufferage - chief argument against is testifying against self.
06:30 Culture drives law
08:00 Public Education drives culture
09:10 Pensylvania Minority report - Section 3
10:10 Admiralty Law vs Civil/Criminal Law - the Law of the Land
12:34 Taking of property for public use without just compensation
14:23 General comments
15:00 Minority report in general
16:30 The natural decay of law and language
17:00 Guests are comming
18:38 Liberty concepts - false thinking destroys liberty

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