Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Principles In Liberty 5

In this episode we briefly cover the 5th ammendment from the previous episode, do some ranting, and move on to start covering the 6th ammendment.
I insert some snipits here from the Daily Source Code and No Agenda.


Recorded on Jan 16th and Jan 22nd, 2008

01:20 reading of the 5th ammendment
02:10 No Agenda insert from Nov 9th, 2007 - story of a texas abduction told by Adam Curry and John Devorak
07:00 comments on abduction
08:10 respect for the job of the president
09:30 intro to DSC excerpt about TSA
09:50 Nov. 2007 Daily Source Code excerpt "I'm on the list" by Adam Curry
12:28 Comments on this relating to the 5th ammendment
13:20 International treaties commented on
14:13 Idea that the supreme court interprets the constitution discussed
15:00 The "list" violates the 5th amendment.
15:41 Lemmings at the airport
16:00 Equal protection of the law implies the poeple can do exactly what the government does WRT the constitution.
16:50 National day of "unemergency".
18:14 Buy Wrong comments
18:56 Dropout comment
19:30 6th Ammendment read
20:10 comments on 6th ammendment

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