Friday, January 25, 2008

Principles In Liberty 6

This is an interesting one - because I'm not doing all the talking.
Meet our guest - Stephen Pidgeon.
Steve is a lawyer in several branches of law (Family, International, Business, etc.), a concert pianist and a heck of a smart guy.
Recorded on Jan 25th, 2008

00:26 A joke by Steve
01:00 Intro of Steve Pidgon, Lawyer, Concerpt Pianist and Intellectual at large
01:36 Steve speaks: Bill of rights
02:26 Nineth Ammendment
02:42 What are the rights retained by the people? The ten commandments.
03:40 First ammendment
04:11 What is a religion?
08:27 Islam - a political system more than it is a religion
09:00 what are the limits of religion?
10:00 Assuming separation of church and state - what do you teach in public school?
10:30 How do you establish a trusted fact?
11:20 A fundamental premise of judeo-christian system of thought
12:41 A divide in the our in thought about what is true - christian vs post-modern
14:00 license is not liberty
15:10 what is wrong with homosexuality?
15:44 Harvard Journal Report on Ecconomic effects of Homosexuality
16:50 Gay vs straight divorce rates compared
17:50 Effects of divorce
19:30 divorce is discouraging mariage
20:00 same sex mariage effects on progeny
22:00 The blurring of who has parental rights
22:55 Once a lesbian woman gets pregnant things change
23:50 Case law is showing broken gay mariages wanting to remove their ex-partner from their child.
25:23 Beethoven born of a mom with syphilis - world was gifted by his disability
26:00 The disabled glorify God
26:17 Secrets of the Gay Community
26:47 Mommy and Daddy outlawed from CA and discriminating locker rooms banned.
28:00 Lesbian domestic violence

... to be continued...

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