Thursday, February 28, 2008

Principles In Liberty 14

An interview with Bill Davis

Bill is a long time friend, probably my best friend and the most influential person in my life. The above picture came from his website with his two sons and wife Deanna. He has what most people covet in life - money, health, family, travel - you name it. Bill is the picture of liberty and the american dream come true. So here follows an interview I did with him over Skype about what makes ecconomic freedom possible.

Recorded on 2/28/2008

An interview with Bill Davis

01:25 How does a typical american achieve economic freedom?
01:50 Bills life - how he got here
03:20 How did you pick Pismo Beach to live in?
04:25 Tight times.
05:25 Travels.
07:30 Anybody can do this.
08:20 Is America any different than other places?
10:20 Buying over time, used debt to leverage position.
11:00 Others have failed, why did you succeed?
12:44 Used variable interest rates to his advantage.
13:40 Being safe enough to survive and gain confidence.
14:50 What do you think about this credit crunch?
18:00 What about the global aspect of this crunch?
19:20 Does the cycle frequency change due to the global reach of the cycle?
20:00 Bills attributes
20:37 Bill's Jujitsu stuff
21:45 Aspects of the economy are getting worse
22:50 How to measure the degree of socialism.
24:37 Inflation.
26:49 You are unusual - what is different about Bill Davis?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Principles In Liberty 13

Finishing off the Pensylvania Minority Report

Recorded on 2/22/2008 and 2/25/2008

Continuing reading of the Pensylvania Minority Report from the Anti-Federalist Papers
00:29 Intro.
00:50 Trial by Jury
01:15 Civil courts too expensive - wealthy will prevail
01:32 Blackstone site: Issue over an Ox cost ridiculous amounts of time and money back in england.
02:50 Civil courts, especially appeals with be prohibitivly expensive for the average man.
03:40 Trial by Jury in criminal cases can be avoided by Civil proceedings.
04:23 No provision for trial to be in the same county as the crime.
04:44 Judges may not be unbiased due to fees and other instruments in place.
05:05 My case - traffic court fees go to the judges pension
05:41 Some comments on jury trial by me
06:30 Civil vs Common Law - my attempts to understand this
08:07 Mixture of powers allowed in constitution.
08:36 Judges appointed by Executive and Senate
08:49 Senate has treaty power to override constitution and state laws.
09:30 Only a relatively few people control this power thus open to corruption and control
10:06 Senate presides over impeachments - what about the senate itself?
10:42 Montesque: separation of powers absolutely necessary for freedom.
11:54 President is dangerously connected with the senate
12:13 Power of pardoning can be used to free co-actors in evil acts.
12:33 Small independent council recommended to rule on any executive step.
12:50 My Comments about pardons going on now.
13:36 Direct taxing power can override all other taxes and endanger private property rights.
14:12 My comments - no limit on tax amounts or modes.
14:30 What if we had % tax limits?
15:13 No control by the states on federal taxes.
15:50 Reps will not be responsive to the people.
16:20 Keeping reps tied closely to the people helps prevent them from passing opressive laws.
16:48 My comments - Our congressmen don't use our SSN system - but use their own pension system.
18:05 Not enough reps - too many people represented by each. They won't really represent the people.
19:45 My Comments - we got the bill of rights so it didn't decay as fast as they had expected.
20:33 Congress will not posess the confidence of the people, requireing armys to compell obedience to the laws.
21:35 A standing army (militia) is a big problem.
22:10 My Comments - militia may eventually be used to take our own property.
22:58 Militia could compell militias of one state to oppress the citizens of others.
23:30 Contientous objectors were honored in the revoluntionary war but may not be for the militia.
24:02 Militia may be used to extinguish the last struggles of liberty.
24:43 My comments - militia used to divide the people.
25:10 They think this is all planned to destroy liberty.
25:40 Swarms of officers will devour the land.
26:05 Summary - these are only our largest objections of a general nature only.
26:45 End of the Minority Report: My comments
27:37 We are never taught in public school about the confederacy prior to the constitution for comparison.
28:34 We rarely study the state constitutions in school either.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Principles In liberty 12

More going over the Pensylvania Minority Report - fascinating what the anti-federalists saw coming down the road.

Recorded on 2/6/2008

01:00 Intro to the Pensylvania Minority Report continued
01:22 Congress controls state legislatures ultimately.
02:23 Congress, having control of election particulars may, on opportunity delay elections to maintain themselves in office.
03:43 Gradual breaking the spirt of the people
04:08 General government firmly established.
04:13 Standing army renders opposition vain
05:19 Montesque: Spirit of Laws - democracy overrides sovereignty.
07:26 I just got it - what this means.
08:18 Don't let congress control the elections.
08:30 Constitution does not preserve state sovereignty while Articles of Confderation did.
09:27 Trying to get back into the thinking of the founders.
09:50 You would think American citizens would be tought this - but would the government teach people how to resist its growth?
10:33 Caucus is comming up, Ron Paul caucus training, Ron Paul comments.
12:20 Understanding this thinking is key.
12:48 Legislature is sufficient in its power alone to swallow up the states in a grand empire.
13:22 Judicial power is enough to grow to eoncompase the states as well.
14:40 These guys see problems that can effect us much later.
15:00 Powers of courts is enough to keep out the ability of the common man to use them.
16:00 Consolidation pervades the whole constitution.
16:14 Preamble bypases the states.
16:36 Powers in this document will effect consolidation.
16:57 We the people - the phrase that pays and plays well.
17:39 Predicts rapid transformation to despotism.
18:30 Principles: omition of a bill of rights.
18:56 Bill of rights enumerated briefly
19:40 Legislature needs to have proper, fair, equal representation of all - but it does not.
20:52 Test of these principles:
21:08 House
21:34 Senate
22:16 Only 26 men (at that time) control the sense of congress with this system.
22:47 States are not fairly represented either.
23:01 Only upper classes can be represented.
23:18 Unsafe - too exposed to corruption and influence.
23:54 Inadequate - too long a term, bad mode.
24:17 House memebers could be increased but not likely due to senate having to approve and will lose predomanancy if done so.
24:56 A revolution would be needed to add reps/people.
25:23 Judicial test:
25:40 Civil law principles are used - not common law.
26:21 Trial by jury is not included in civil cases.
26:35 Law and fact apeals must use civil law. Jurie's decisions are not final under this system.
27:13 Common vs Civil Law
27:56 All cases of law and equity is Civil Law and applies to all cases.
28:46 Common vs Civil Law - my views
29:24 contracts get tricky
The Minority Report to be continued...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Principles In Liberty 11

Back to jus lillo me. I decided that it was most valueable to read the entire Pensylvania Minority report to you and comment on it. An awesome article!

Recorded on 2/6/2008

00:50 The Pensylvania Minority Report
01:46 Intro to the report
02:46 Start reading the report
04:50 Convention was called to merely ammend the articles of confederation, not to do more.
06:15 Pensylvania's 6 reps were opposed from the beginning.
06:50 A work (the constitution) of haste.
07:55 Intro to the points by me.
08:40 Point 1: Right of consience/religion
09:10 Point 2: Trial by Jury
09:23 Point 3: Due process preserved in fed courts
10:03 Point 4: Excessive bail/fines not allowed
10:35 Point 5: Warrants need evidence to back them up
11:09 Point 6: Freedom of speech/press
11:24 Point 7: Right to bear arms, Military under civil authority
12:00 Point 8: Right to hunt/fish on public lands
12:31 Point 9: Limits on modes of taxation by fed
12:50 Poitn 10: Preserve district sizes by growing rep count appropriately.
14:28 Point 11: Militia stays under control of the states.
15:40 Point 12: Separation of powers, constitutional council appointed to interpret the constituition
16:19 Point 13: Treaties cannot override existing laws/constitutions.
16:51 Point 14: Judicial jurisdiction limits spelled out, Preservation of inheritance, titles, contracts.
18:22 Post point part of minority report
19:20 the People are acountable
19:50 Dissent reasons - can't manage a large nation without despotism or federalism
20:40 Quotes federalist Wilson to make following points:
21:20 Looks like the size of our land naturally forces us towards despotism
22:21 Fed must eventually absorb the powers of the states by design of the union.
24:36 The constitution grants full power over the purse and sword to the fed.
25:17 Section 8, Article 1
25:40 Congress taxes not limited by mode, eventually overriding the state's ability to tax.
26:39 General welfare clause opens the gates.
27:06 Article 6 allows treaties to override constitution.
27:50 Constitution contains blinds to prevent perception of its weaknesses.
28:25 Jurisdictions of state/fed governments are not well defined and thus collide.
To be continued...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Principles In Liberty 10

We conclude our interview with Steve Pidgeon.

Recorded on January 31st, 2008

00:42 Bush wants tax cuts permanent
01:00 No way to save Social Security.
01:40 End of the federal government.
02:10 There was a question of the US would survive 911.
03:00 Better figure out how we will avoid starvation.
03:50 If your company is willing to sell out your family, what about your job?
06:26 Get ready
06:49 Why we haven't collapsed yet.
07:30 Spiritual Warfare is comming
07:40 Bombing/Invasion is comming.
08:10 Muslim growth globally
09:50 We need to be light and salt, not tax protestors.
10:30 What if we embrace the world of truth and love God has for us?
11:30 The idols of our day.
12:25 No ruling class, only champions that rise when needed.
13:20 What is freedom? Know the truth...
14:18 The remnant may require sacrifice
15:10 Thank you steve!
15:45 Wrapup with notes about Steve and a sample of his piano playing

Principles In Liberty 9

Yet more of my interview with Steve Pidgeon. Enjoy!

Recorded on January 31st, 2008

00:40 How to privatze the SSN system.
01:06 We are now spending 4 trillion $ per year more than we take in right now.
01:48 Debt of 60 Trillion $, drivitive debt of 55 trillion, trade deficit of 1 trillion $/year.
02:40 FED drops rates - suicide freefall of the dollar.
03:11 New home sales down 40% from 2006.
03:39 median home price dropped 10% in december of 2007.
04:00 Single largest plummit in home prices since WWII
04:24 Caused by an immoral tax rate.
04:40 Progressive taxes are immoral.
05:15 Governments that are not righteous are subject to the wrath of God.
05:33 We can't even chose to pay just 13%
06:11 Supreme court will not hear the question of if we are allowed to withold support if it continuse to not redress our grievences.
06:49 Thou shalt not steal applies to governments.
07:00 Property tax is theft.
08:40 Italian propety rights still honored.
11:50 God, Family, Country in that order.
12:07 Fed Govt pays states $3 or every $ collected in child support.
13:40 Over taxation leads to oppression and imballance.
14:49 One foot away from a complete colapse of the federal system.
16:00 What a Christian should do. Prayer, Read the Word, Engage the culture.
18:00 What is Freedom, What is Truth, What is Rightousness?
20:32 The solid ground of truth.
20:52 Government has a duty to find rightousness or the social order will collapse.
21:15 Maria Can't Do too well.
22:00 The disaster of our ecconomy.
24:20 Europe going Muslim
26:00 Prices will go up sharply.
26:15 China support
26:50 Banks will disappear - will take 1.5 years to work out.
27:00 one airline likely left.
27:40 Soviet Union collapsed the same way.
29:00 Real Estate run up to make us look healthy.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Principles In Liberty 8

Steve Pidgeon continues with more discussions on moral society and how it relates to our freedom and the wellbeing of a society.


Recorded on January 31st, 2008

00:43 S1185, once passed, opens the door to full blown pagan society.
01:20 This gives any nation the moral authority to destroy us.
01:48 Barny Frank attempted to create a separate class for the enda bill to eliminate "Sexual Orientation"
02:30 This effects the Church and starts persecution of the Church.
03:25 The necessity of the 10 commandments in the town square to support a free society.
03:56 Where is the line for christians to respect government authority?
05:19 There is nothing that belongs to Cezar.
05:36 Can government commit a crime?
05:50 Ahab and Jezibel confiscating a vineyard.
07:20 Can the state murder?
07:41 5th Ammendment - allows for confiscation of property.
09:05 Supreme Court decision changed "public use" to include whatever increases tax revenues.
10:00 Real Estate crash is part of the wrath of God.
10:15 Stalin
12:00 Iraq was at one time green.
12:38 Christians should never revolt - but stand firm and be persecuted.
12:56 Mark of the beast.
15:05 When do you not pay taxes or get rid of your SSN?
16:49 2 Samuel - the time of the judges, led by God. No capital, no head to cut off.
21:00 Churches want the tithe for the storehouse, but that has been subverted by government.
21:35 Three tithes in the Bible.
22:12 Moral tax rate is 13% and no more.
22:40 What is the "church" today?
23:00 501C3 tax protection racket corrupts the church.
24:00 Who is the Church?
24:30 What is the tithe?
25:00 Mission trip in TIbolisi, Georgia - example of lost church.
25:57 Persecution for the church in the US is comming.
26:13 There is moral authority for the state to impose up to 13% flat tax only.
26:49 Hong Kong has done this. Look at the results.
27:00 SSN Crash, Ecconomic vitality proposal. What is comming financially.
28:25 How to privatze the SSN system.

More of this interview comming in our next podcast...

Principles In Liberty 7

More stuff from Steve Pidgeon on the legal aspects of same sex mariages and its effect on liberty.
This is a continuation from Principles In Liberty 6.

Recorded on January 31st, 2008

00:42 Lesbian mariage and the consequences for their kids
00:57 Ecconomic Assessment of same sex mariage laws report
01:25 Alliance Defence Fund email - hate speach laws being adopted in many countries
02:30 Gay vs Lesbian Mariage disolution rates, Gender influence problem
03:24 Washington State's Domestic partnership laws - privilages granted.
04:26 Meritritious relationships and probate
06:09 Domestic Partnerships created and destroyed by affidavit whereas heterosexual mariage requires several court hearings to disolve making it discriminatory by nature.
06:29 who creates mariage vs domestic partnerships, state interest in the mariage, licenses
07:50 God ordained relationships
09:00 State asserts control of mariage regardless of license.
10:13 Rights vs Privilages
12:42 Bill of Rights gives privilages just by protecting rights explicitly.
13:00 No authority greater than the state vs authority comes from God.
13:30 No God authority always results in death by government.
15:20 Scripture distinguishes between state, culture and individual. Isaiah 1:10
18:00 Codification of immoral behavior is promised wrath in scripture.
19:00 Domestic violence in the Lesbian community
19:43 MRSA virus in gay community
22:00 Logic for death penalty for homosexuality.
12:31 Mosaic law for death penalty: Leveticus 20
23:10 Cutoff from the land - nations that no longer exist.
23:30 Nineva still exists in the curds.
24:30 curses of immoral behavior from levitical law
25:10 Historical rise of homosexual cultures - society gone within 3 generations.
26:00 Homosexual behavior is the gateway to full blown pagan behavior.
26:30 S1185 - Hate crimes bill
27:00 Example: gay rights parade protest
28:20 The language of S1185 protects "Sexual Orientation". It protects perversion in general.

More comming in the next Principles In Liberty podcast...