Saturday, February 2, 2008

Principles In Liberty 10

We conclude our interview with Steve Pidgeon.

Recorded on January 31st, 2008

00:42 Bush wants tax cuts permanent
01:00 No way to save Social Security.
01:40 End of the federal government.
02:10 There was a question of the US would survive 911.
03:00 Better figure out how we will avoid starvation.
03:50 If your company is willing to sell out your family, what about your job?
06:26 Get ready
06:49 Why we haven't collapsed yet.
07:30 Spiritual Warfare is comming
07:40 Bombing/Invasion is comming.
08:10 Muslim growth globally
09:50 We need to be light and salt, not tax protestors.
10:30 What if we embrace the world of truth and love God has for us?
11:30 The idols of our day.
12:25 No ruling class, only champions that rise when needed.
13:20 What is freedom? Know the truth...
14:18 The remnant may require sacrifice
15:10 Thank you steve!
15:45 Wrapup with notes about Steve and a sample of his piano playing

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