Thursday, February 28, 2008

Principles In Liberty 14

An interview with Bill Davis

Bill is a long time friend, probably my best friend and the most influential person in my life. The above picture came from his website with his two sons and wife Deanna. He has what most people covet in life - money, health, family, travel - you name it. Bill is the picture of liberty and the american dream come true. So here follows an interview I did with him over Skype about what makes ecconomic freedom possible.

Recorded on 2/28/2008

An interview with Bill Davis

01:25 How does a typical american achieve economic freedom?
01:50 Bills life - how he got here
03:20 How did you pick Pismo Beach to live in?
04:25 Tight times.
05:25 Travels.
07:30 Anybody can do this.
08:20 Is America any different than other places?
10:20 Buying over time, used debt to leverage position.
11:00 Others have failed, why did you succeed?
12:44 Used variable interest rates to his advantage.
13:40 Being safe enough to survive and gain confidence.
14:50 What do you think about this credit crunch?
18:00 What about the global aspect of this crunch?
19:20 Does the cycle frequency change due to the global reach of the cycle?
20:00 Bills attributes
20:37 Bill's Jujitsu stuff
21:45 Aspects of the economy are getting worse
22:50 How to measure the degree of socialism.
24:37 Inflation.
26:49 You are unusual - what is different about Bill Davis?

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