Friday, February 1, 2008

Principles In Liberty 7

More stuff from Steve Pidgeon on the legal aspects of same sex mariages and its effect on liberty.
This is a continuation from Principles In Liberty 6.

Recorded on January 31st, 2008

00:42 Lesbian mariage and the consequences for their kids
00:57 Ecconomic Assessment of same sex mariage laws report
01:25 Alliance Defence Fund email - hate speach laws being adopted in many countries
02:30 Gay vs Lesbian Mariage disolution rates, Gender influence problem
03:24 Washington State's Domestic partnership laws - privilages granted.
04:26 Meritritious relationships and probate
06:09 Domestic Partnerships created and destroyed by affidavit whereas heterosexual mariage requires several court hearings to disolve making it discriminatory by nature.
06:29 who creates mariage vs domestic partnerships, state interest in the mariage, licenses
07:50 God ordained relationships
09:00 State asserts control of mariage regardless of license.
10:13 Rights vs Privilages
12:42 Bill of Rights gives privilages just by protecting rights explicitly.
13:00 No authority greater than the state vs authority comes from God.
13:30 No God authority always results in death by government.
15:20 Scripture distinguishes between state, culture and individual. Isaiah 1:10
18:00 Codification of immoral behavior is promised wrath in scripture.
19:00 Domestic violence in the Lesbian community
19:43 MRSA virus in gay community
22:00 Logic for death penalty for homosexuality.
12:31 Mosaic law for death penalty: Leveticus 20
23:10 Cutoff from the land - nations that no longer exist.
23:30 Nineva still exists in the curds.
24:30 curses of immoral behavior from levitical law
25:10 Historical rise of homosexual cultures - society gone within 3 generations.
26:00 Homosexual behavior is the gateway to full blown pagan behavior.
26:30 S1185 - Hate crimes bill
27:00 Example: gay rights parade protest
28:20 The language of S1185 protects "Sexual Orientation". It protects perversion in general.

More comming in the next Principles In Liberty podcast...

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