Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Principles in Liberty #16

This podcast is a public apology to Mr. Weaver, the bureaucrat at the Idaho Department of Water Resources I spoke and emailed with concerning my water rights permit issues.

This podcast was pulled because, upon reflection, I realized that in my pride and hypocricy, I violated the very principles of freedom I am trying to defend.

I recorded our phone conversations without Mr. Weaver's knowledge and published them to this blog without his permission.

This is the very same sort of thing our government is doing right now to every one of us. In fact, its worse, because our government is not publishing our secret conversations, just listening/reading them.

I hope this apology can amend for any damage I might have done to Mr. Weaver and that it serves as an example that we cannot promote the principles of freedom by violating them ourselves.

This should also be a reminder to me to think about what I record and publish before doing so.

Sandy Staab

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