Sunday, April 6, 2008

Principles In Liberty 18



Recorded on 5/5/2008

An interview with Larry Langdon

01:08 Justice - a fundamental human idea
02:00 Hillary Clinton sets this off
02:47 Being able to make your own decisions is fundamental to growth
03:35 Universal complacency happens over time due to the helps of societies.
05:00 the FED and money
07:35 The Money Masters mentions a good solution.
08:35 Bill Davis - example of a optimist concerning the FED
09:07 The Three World Wars
09:19 We are in WWIII now.
10:06 The creature from Jekyl Island by G. Edward Griffin
10:31 Confessions of an Ecconomic Hit Man
11:10 CIA enslaves countries with debt.
12:35 Larry knows a personal friend that saw this happen first hand.
13:55 America is being foreclosed on.
14:10 Jessie Ventura "Maybe those fences along the border aren't to keep them out but to keep us in".
15:47 Federal vs National citizen.
16:15 Tom Ridge of Homeland Security says it was under national government rather than the federal government
17:12 Unknowns being incarcerated without due process in the US
18:03 1/2 of all people are in prison for victimless crimes.
18:42 25% of the worlds prisoners are in US prisons
19:15 Racketeering is going on.
21:25 Spitzer issue becomes a smokescreen - he had ordered an investigation of 911
21:50 People are maletable - capable of being prosecuted at any time.
23:36 None of the current presidential candidates are skull and bones...
24:11 People that were rich enough to avoid taxes - Global Prosperity Group
24:49 David Ike
25:15 Creating Problems and then offering the pre-fabricated solution.
26:00 My luck on trading - its like they know what I am about to do.
27:50 Later on, some other friends came over and Larry talked a bit about a real estate transaction.
33:30 7 Statutes sited by the escroe agency to Larry as reason to bring in third parties (HUD) into the transaction.
36:50 The issue of the government hearing the grievences of the people.
38:03 Fed board chairman said - "we need a complete collapse and then we can rebuild it up again."
38:50 Fed gets Wall Street.
39:20 Most judges know we are bankrupt and in foreclosure.
40:00 Money Masters reference again.
40:42 Dictatorship is the most efficient form of government - especially with a good dictator.
41:40 Use US notes to get us out of this.
42:26 Kennedy family and inheritance taxes
43:00 Car title transfer trick

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