Monday, April 7, 2008

Principles in liberty 19 (one of my best)


Recorded on 3/29/2008

This is a speech delivered on 3/29/2008 by Stephen Pidgeon

at a free speech conference sponsored by the ECP
This hits on key ideas of where freedom comes from and how Christianity fits into rights.
A very fast-moving and to-the-point set of ideas which I have never heard expressed quite this well.
This is a keeper!

00:47 Global Warming
01:01 Homosexual and Feminist lobby
01:22 Primary resource targeted is fresh water
01:30 Goal is population control
01:40 Humanistic thinking seeks to control population
02:22 Privilegs are not God given rights.
02:35 Why did Jesus come to the earth?
03:03 Our obligation is to testify to the truth.
03:18 What is Truth?
03:57 Differences between rights, privildges and crimes.
04:13 A Human right is...
05:20 Bill of rights are not rights
06:05 Supernatural source of rights
06:42 God's prohibitions give us our rights
07:02 The most threatening line written in history...
07:43 The state MUST answer to God's authority or suffer the consequences
08:14 Government must seek rightousness
08:35 A privilege is ...
09:12 All privileges are elietist in nature.
09:19 A crime is...
10:30 The full title of Darwin's book
11:35 Evolution is inherently racist doctrine.
12:15 Christianity is inherently all-inclusive and not racist.
10:06 What is Post-modernism...
13:49 The best argument under secularism is "That's mean and unfair".
14:08 Summary of definitions of terms
14:30 Canadian Human Rights Act
14:35 Alaskan Quake joke
15:34 Book - Liberty - a guide to God-given rights in the western world - being written by Steve.
16:01 Section 13 of Canadian Human Rights Act
16:18 Purpose of the act...
16:56 Not declaring rights.
17:15 Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is moral basis for this law
18:20 Christian Church is what makes man evil - according to the secularists.
19:20 Moral basis for duty to society...
20:24 Tort actions for punishment under this law - not really a crime, just a civil offence.
21:00 Moral foundation of the law is not defined.
21:20 Which group gets the most benefits of this act?
22:25 Media is exempt under this law - privileged.
23:45 Nuremberg type trials proposed for global warming detractors.
24:50 Exedus 20 - the true roster of human rights.
26:44 Nazi's were arrested. their defense - "I was following orders". They were convicted anyway because they had a moral authority above the state and they were sentenced to death based on that.

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