Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Principles In Liberty #26

A picture I took of Glen the day of our first interview
Glen Stoll - part III

Recorded on 11/5/2008

0:45 How the thirteenth ammendment was lost
1:10 Constitution was turned on its head
1:30 The 5 original checks and balances
3:50 The title change in the constitution changes its application
5:25 Control is necessary in an imperfect society
6:30 How did you get this "citizen of heaven" license plate?
7:00 Renton Christian Center (see comment from Glen)
8:00 Reverend Paul Revere came up with a way to win the struggle to fix the problem in our lifetime.
9:40 A retreat caught Glen's heart. He pursued getting a church driver's license.
12:05 the first experience within a new jurisdiction
15:30 I have already lost my life
17:46 back to our story...
19:28 We only have rights God gives us.
20:32 Drivers License is a certificate of residency - not a certification of competency
20:57 I decided I am expatriating from the secular and repatriating to the spiritual
21:40 Cop pulls me over... first stop with heaven documents and plates
27:50 Certificate of life birth - what it really is
29:20 Consent of the governed - what does that mean?
32:00 Deciding who you are, what to do and what is and is not a moral imperitive
35:50 An answer to prayer
37:20 Entertaining angels unawares
39:00 Receive the blessings of Christ

Monday, November 10, 2008

Principles In Liberty #25

A picture I took of Glen the day of our first interview
Glen Stoll - part II


Recorded on 11/5/2008

0:32 Met Hartford Van Dyke in 1991
0:46 Met pastor Paul Revere of the Embasy of Heaven Church
1:10 Tought about pur separation from the world - between Church and State
1:30 Record keeping is key
2:50 License needed for activities under commercial jurisdiction
4:40 Revere excited Glen - it was the solution to his problem.
5:18 Family Court is out of control and not fixable
5:44 Example: "We make the rules as we go".
6:52 Published case: Family Defense League in Appeals Court for WA in early 90s
7:07 Poker game
8:28 The conspiracy is orchistrated by the devil and has a lot to do with how the court system operates today.
9:20 A summary of the history that got us here.
11:24 the abuses of attornment - distinction between a lawyer and an attorney
11:51 Attornment comes from the english feudal system.
13:28 The Paul Harvey Vermin
15:00 Division is the enemy
17:30 Our Republic was what we started with
19:33 The original 13th ammendment
20:16 Congress adjourned sine die in 1861
21:11 Dred Scott decision
22:15 Voting vs Dellegates/Electoral college
23:00 A vote is an agreement to abide by the outcome of the vote.
23:35 Right to travel
23:40 Right to expatriate - to choose what government you will be held accountable to.
24:20 Talbot case 1795 - People have the right to choose their citizenship
25:40 How do we distinguish absolute rights from legal privilages?
29:45 civil was was used by the attorneys to divide us
30:25 Thirteenth amendment proves that the government that was formed after the civil war was not the same as the one we had before the war.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Principles In Liberty #24 - an interview with Glen Stoll

A picture I took of Glen the day of our first interview
Glen Stoll

Recorded on 11/5/2008

2:22 How it all started - the start of the family defence league
4:20 Car trouble ignites a family fight in the middle of the road.
10:42 Official baptismal date April 14th (important much later)
12:30 The votes of witnesses opinions determine truth in family law, not the physical evidence.
12:40 Its required to send somebody to jail in domestic violence cases
13:12 All domestic violence cases are prosecuted no matter how lame the evidence is.
13:37 I began to wake up and see that my beliefs about the system were wrong.
13:56 We have the greatest court system that money can buy.
15:20 Jurors after his case all said the case was ridiculous and they couldn't believe he was being prosecuted.
16:42 Background on wife situation - planned infidelity leads to need for excuse for divorce
18:00 Two years of "counseling" used to extract "evidence" of wrongdoing from his children.
18:38 Books for reference: Innocence, the raged edge, The child abuse industry,
21:08 July 3rd, 1988 started the family defence league
21:14 an unexpected set of allays come together.
21:40 all groups agreed - "Family Court Stinks".
21:56 The problem of purgery in family court
23:13 More damage is done to the children by this attitude than the intervention solves
25:54 Guilty until proven Guilty
26:17 I decided to become an attorney.
26:43 Started studying under Hartford Van Dyke
27:50 I began understanding the principles of church authority
28:00 Met Jim Shaver