Friday, November 7, 2008

Principles In Liberty #24 - an interview with Glen Stoll

A picture I took of Glen the day of our first interview
Glen Stoll

Recorded on 11/5/2008

2:22 How it all started - the start of the family defence league
4:20 Car trouble ignites a family fight in the middle of the road.
10:42 Official baptismal date April 14th (important much later)
12:30 The votes of witnesses opinions determine truth in family law, not the physical evidence.
12:40 Its required to send somebody to jail in domestic violence cases
13:12 All domestic violence cases are prosecuted no matter how lame the evidence is.
13:37 I began to wake up and see that my beliefs about the system were wrong.
13:56 We have the greatest court system that money can buy.
15:20 Jurors after his case all said the case was ridiculous and they couldn't believe he was being prosecuted.
16:42 Background on wife situation - planned infidelity leads to need for excuse for divorce
18:00 Two years of "counseling" used to extract "evidence" of wrongdoing from his children.
18:38 Books for reference: Innocence, the raged edge, The child abuse industry,
21:08 July 3rd, 1988 started the family defence league
21:14 an unexpected set of allays come together.
21:40 all groups agreed - "Family Court Stinks".
21:56 The problem of purgery in family court
23:13 More damage is done to the children by this attitude than the intervention solves
25:54 Guilty until proven Guilty
26:17 I decided to become an attorney.
26:43 Started studying under Hartford Van Dyke
27:50 I began understanding the principles of church authority
28:00 Met Jim Shaver

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