Monday, November 10, 2008

Principles In Liberty #25

A picture I took of Glen the day of our first interview
Glen Stoll - part II


Recorded on 11/5/2008

0:32 Met Hartford Van Dyke in 1991
0:46 Met pastor Paul Revere of the Embasy of Heaven Church
1:10 Tought about pur separation from the world - between Church and State
1:30 Record keeping is key
2:50 License needed for activities under commercial jurisdiction
4:40 Revere excited Glen - it was the solution to his problem.
5:18 Family Court is out of control and not fixable
5:44 Example: "We make the rules as we go".
6:52 Published case: Family Defense League in Appeals Court for WA in early 90s
7:07 Poker game
8:28 The conspiracy is orchistrated by the devil and has a lot to do with how the court system operates today.
9:20 A summary of the history that got us here.
11:24 the abuses of attornment - distinction between a lawyer and an attorney
11:51 Attornment comes from the english feudal system.
13:28 The Paul Harvey Vermin
15:00 Division is the enemy
17:30 Our Republic was what we started with
19:33 The original 13th ammendment
20:16 Congress adjourned sine die in 1861
21:11 Dred Scott decision
22:15 Voting vs Dellegates/Electoral college
23:00 A vote is an agreement to abide by the outcome of the vote.
23:35 Right to travel
23:40 Right to expatriate - to choose what government you will be held accountable to.
24:20 Talbot case 1795 - People have the right to choose their citizenship
25:40 How do we distinguish absolute rights from legal privilages?
29:45 civil was was used by the attorneys to divide us
30:25 Thirteenth amendment proves that the government that was formed after the civil war was not the same as the one we had before the war.

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