Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Principles In Liberty #26

A picture I took of Glen the day of our first interview
Glen Stoll - part III

Recorded on 11/5/2008

0:45 How the thirteenth ammendment was lost
1:10 Constitution was turned on its head
1:30 The 5 original checks and balances
3:50 The title change in the constitution changes its application
5:25 Control is necessary in an imperfect society
6:30 How did you get this "citizen of heaven" license plate?
7:00 Renton Christian Center (see comment from Glen)
8:00 Reverend Paul Revere came up with a way to win the struggle to fix the problem in our lifetime.
9:40 A retreat caught Glen's heart. He pursued getting a church driver's license.
12:05 the first experience within a new jurisdiction
15:30 I have already lost my life
17:46 back to our story...
19:28 We only have rights God gives us.
20:32 Drivers License is a certificate of residency - not a certification of competency
20:57 I decided I am expatriating from the secular and repatriating to the spiritual
21:40 Cop pulls me over... first stop with heaven documents and plates
27:50 Certificate of life birth - what it really is
29:20 Consent of the governed - what does that mean?
32:00 Deciding who you are, what to do and what is and is not a moral imperitive
35:50 An answer to prayer
37:20 Entertaining angels unawares
39:00 Receive the blessings of Christ

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Sandy Staab said...

Glen sent me an email to clarify some details about the church he met at:

Although our place of meeting was formally called the "Renton Christian Center," the webpage address you cited is a part of the Foursquare Church denomination of which we never were. Our fellowship was founded at my initial request by three of us (Glen Stoll, Gene Goosman, and Ed Pund) in West Seattle at the home of Gene and Mary Goosman in 1989. I was desperately seeking relief from state control of the Church, Gene was in strong disapproval of state incorporated denominationalism, and Ed was a retired church school teacher and Greek scholar who was of the opinion that the Church should be operating within its own jurisdiction, under the authority of Jesus Christ alone. Jim Shaver, a retired Seattle firefighter, and his wife Lydia joined in with us from the beginning. Our first fellowship meetings were held at the "Home for Unwed Fathers" near Mill Creek for only a few months. From there, we moved our meetings to the Family Defense League office in Edmonds. Within our first year, we moved to Renton into what soon became known as the Renton Christian Center. After about one month from the death of Dr. Coskin Atisar, who had been donating the use of his building to us, we were no longer allowed to meet there. We had been meeting with an average of about 40 in attendance every Saturday morning into the afternoon for about four years and just gradually and informally dissolved in about 1993.