Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Principles in Liberty #28

A picture I took of Glen the day of our first interview
Glen Stoll - part V

Recorded on 11/5/2008

00:30 Setting the record before you proceed with legal defence
01:00 State the facts, set the record and let God fight your battles for you.
01:26 Live in such a way that people won't believe you're guilty.
01:40 Hovind just wants to preach the Word.
02:40 The fable - the wolf and the lamb - any argument will serve a tyrant's intentions.
03:10 We are living today under tyrany.
04:30 Tyrany of the majority, Tyrany of the ruling class.
04:52 A pure Democracy is a tyrany.
05:33 US was founded as a democratic republic - Republic is based on its organic documents which were in turn based on scripture.
06:16 Oligarchy is the tyrany of the ruling class. We have a corporate government.
07:30 The Class: is the Judiciary - are the Attorneys - the vermin.
08:00 I disagree - the Attorney's are the pratorian guard of the true elite.
08:30 but to win the war you have to beat the army first.
08:45 Back to Hovind - he needs to be exonorated.
09:00 An arial survailence idea during civil war idea never got to Lincoln in time to do any good.
10:28 Kent's wife is not in jail, still awaiting an appeal.
10:47 Joe's attorneys will not let Glen help here at all.
11:20 Glen would be arrested if he showed up at the Pensicola airport. This is a threat from Joe Hovind's attorney.
12:00 Lies to keep Glen away.
12:40 Glen wrote to Jerry Barringer (Joe Hovind's attorney) who never responded to his questions. Thus Glen has concluded that Jerry has lied - Please correct me if I am wrong.
14:30 Don't anger the judge - if you have a mad judge - you have an insane judge.
15:20 I relate a case with my christian attorney.
16:30 Glen has friends that are attorneys (but just a few). They don't always know what they are doing or what the difference is between a lawyer and an attorney.
17:45 Attorneys are taught against the principles of defering powers to the church.
18:00 Seems insane for a court to rule on the document that created them.
18:48 Current status - still helping Kent, can't help Joe, Kent has said he wishes he had followed Glen's advice.
19:30 Attorneys have to give up the arguement (of jurisdiction) because that is their job.
20:00 Wives not understanding the problem.
21:00 We are schooled not to think or argue properly.
22:10 I admire Mrs. Hovind for what she has done to honor Kent.
22:37 She is caught between the fear of man and the fear of God.
23:00 The story of Epaphrus a witness so powerful his ashes were fought over between the churches.
25:00 Final saying by Glen - nobody on the staff is favorable to Glen's views due to religous dogma and bigotry.
27:27 I Cor. 13 commentary by Glen: Charity trumps all.
28:30 Church concept of authority that I have a problem with. That which is is what God wants.
30:30 Glen's theory - God did this on purpose - to make sure we would have to strive with each other and defer in love to get along.
31:30 God could easily intervine and solve all arguments - but he doesn't.
32:51 Why? Because he is more concerned with how we get along.
33:20 What is Charity? Not just love. Cheerfully giving others the benefit of the doubt and deferring to others in joy.
35:24 I witness a very cool fellowship in Idaho before Y2K. They all got along great till Y2K didn't happen.
36:25 So how does the theory cause us to get along? It reveals who and how we can get along.
38:10 I wonder how we will consume each other once the going gets tough.
38:11 Concept of the Law of the Contract - no law imparing the obligation of contract.
38:46 Argument: You can't compell me to do x because I have a contract that doesn't allow that.
39:20 You can't get into a contract that contradicts a previously entered contract.
39:40 The problem with fraud in state contracts.
40:00 Once you know the problem you need to decide what to do. If you continue to participate you concent to the contract.
41:50 Its such an inconvenience to get out of these contracts. Doing so isolates you from working with others.
42:24 Franklin: "If you are willing to give up liberty for security, you will have neigher."
42:31 Escape from Sobibor - true story.
43:37 "I would rather have died making a stand than being led to the slaughter"
44:39 "An antichrist system is any system that takes the place of Christ in your life."
45:80 "If we have submitted to an anti-christ system either by deed (the right hand) or by thought (the forehead) we have taken the mark of the beast."
46:00 Are you saying that people in the system that oppose christ are against christ? Yes.
47:35 You're not helping God by obeying him - you're helping yourself.
48:00 Should we talk about the hows of getting out of the system and staying out.
48:45 Most people suffer first and then take a stand - very view just think about it and decide to do it on moral reasons.
49:18 Glen: "I suffered a lot"
49:50 proving a negative is pretty hard.

Glen still wants to keep talking so we will see what comes next...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Principles In Liberty #27

A picture I took of Glen the day of our first interview
Glen Stoll - part IV

Recorded on 11/5/2008

The saga continues as Glen explains his interactions with Kent Hovind and some of the legal technicalities involved along the way.


00:25 Kent hovind's problems
1:13 Kents background
2:44 Stanford U. debate example - Practice with mock debates and decided not to take on Kent.
3:24 I met Kent personally. Kent obviously knew about patriot issues.
4:10 Kent refused county building permits on principle
4:50 Sovreignty movement is a great curse - to claim full sovreignty is claiming you're God.
5:42 Ecclesiastical authority - Kent's evidence
6:25 Kent was jailed for praying for his enemies on his radio show
8:55 CSE Blog: Read Kents own words and judge his spirit for yourself from HIS words.
10:30 Prison system critique
12:00 Many innocent people are in prison or dead right now.
12:23 It tedius and difficult to present evidence after sentenceing to prove innocence.
12:51 Bottom line of weiland's book - bible contradicts our current prison system.
14:00 No decent standard of justice.
14:20 back to hovind...
14:40 accused of intimidating an agent for following the process for complaining about the agent's actions.
12:28 How Glen met Kent.
18:00 Glen met with county officials to reconcile differences concerning Hovind.
18:44 lots of animosity making reconciliation impossible.
19:10 Was this animosity Hovind's fault?
20:43 Who has the last word on what is legitimate for the Church to do?
21:18 Financial principles of the Church:
1) Understand Stuardship
2) Remain debt free
3) Show an increase
4) Be charitable
22:30 State has a right to control churches that breach scriptural authority.
22:54 Was Kent violating any of these principles?
23:17 Technically, maybe some things were unwise.
23:54 Glen advised Kent to copyright his material - this change has caused false accusations like this:
24:15 Glen advised Kent to stop talking about taxes and government/legal issues.
26:00 Obstructing - the blanket charge.
26:23 The last time Glen was in jail...
27:20 Subornation of false muster - several hits on this but all seem biased against Hovind. Also see this.
30:35 Deprivation of rights under color of law
31:26 Charged with intimidating a government agent for filing a complaint
31:52 Back to how Kent got here.
33:12 Government argued that the ministrie's income was Kents - not true.
34:00 Ministry had nothing to do with what Kent was being accused of - though the government tried hard to bring in the ministry into the case.
35:30 Government was trying to foreclose on ministry property for things he did independent of the ministry.
37:15 "I've been effectively shut out"
39:00 Dr. Hovind's wife blames Kent for the fix they are in (IMHO says Glen)
41:00 to compensate, Kent says do whatever she wants. This was against Glen's advice.
42:04 two things you need to do before you let a public attorney "help" you.
1) Write a loyality letter and file it
2) Write an abatement and file it
43:15 The abatement contains:
1) Jurisdiction of the court
2) Sufficiency of the plaintif
3) Sufficiency of the defendant
4) Form of the writ

More comming next time!