Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Principles In Liberty 34

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part VI

Recorded on 12/30/2008

00:47 Publics reaction - the republican revolution
01:10 Sandy's meeting with Jay Inslee after 911.
02:00 Bailouts were garbage
03:00 The FED printed up the $ even after congress rejected it.
03:50 Rothchild bank worth 100 Trillion $
04:17 Drivative debt is 4,000,000,000,000,000 $
05:00 Losses made loans illegal due to lack of reserves.
05:54 Meeting market demand is way higher than meeting legal demand.
06:20 Where do I put my 401k
06:30 Can't physically get gold and silver. (This has changed since I sad it)
07:30 Other comodities to invest in - chocolate, wine. (Sandy says - Honey!)
08:50 Honey bees are disappearing.
09:20 Global cooling to come
10:50 Scripture predicts crops will fail in the end times.
11:15 Christian fellowship and faith is what counts.
13:50 It will come as a flood.
14:25 The frozen mamoths
14:37 He will come as a theif - people just won't be expecting it.
14:55 Daniels Timeline
15:26 Revelation 3
17:20 Luke 21
18:27 In your patience you posess your soul.
18:50 First 3.5 years will be tough 2009-2012 - Christianity/Judaism will be outlawed.
19:40 Vox Day's Irrational Athiest book
20:15 Muslims can be defended but not Christians.
20:40 Why do risky stuff with your money?
21:00 T-Bills are yielding a negative interest rate.
21:30 Monetary reform act - a simple solution to this problem
22:40 How to succeed as a politician.
23:08 Mark Recci
23:20 How congressmen live with themselves
24:05 Survival in Alaska
27:30 Idaho has been sabatoged by the wolf.
29:20 Yakatat
30:10 Cordova
30:40 Pole shift, orbital path of our solar system
31:51 The book of Enoch, the Nephilim
33:00 The Essene book of revelation
34:34 Percheron Horses
36:25 California cuts off all the water to San Joaquine valley.
Note that steve says he saw this on ABC news, but I have been unable to locate the story on the web. (sandy)

Principles in liberty 33

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part V

Recorded on 12/30/2008

00:52 Fixing Due Process to get at the spirit of the law.
01:28 Plea bargin fix
02:07 Example: a serial killer situation from Alaska from Preston
03:06 Letting serial killers go to justify the cost of the justice system.
04:45 Example where a defense attorney is good.
05:55 Democracy kills justice
06:20 Really bad crimes in Alaska litany
07:26 Why this happens. No Ethics.
08:30 more crimes
12:20 Divorce as a cause of some murders
13:47 Every 3 months a guy kills his family and self over divorce issues.
14:37 Get rid of sovreign immunity for judges.
25:25 The snowman case
17:10 Overregulation results in justice system overload.
18:10 IRS repealed in 49, reinacted in 52.
19:25 Tax rates
20:33 Trickle down ecconomics and taxes
21:40 IRS is the flip side of the FED
23:00 Campaign giving reforms
23:43 By what authority...
24:00 Mike Lowry's oath of office issue
26:00 Republican party - its a disaster
27:10 Fraudulent elections
27:45 The Illusion of freedom
28:30 Supporting Bush the second time was the dumbest thing the republicans could have done.
29:05 The republican revolution

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shame on you Mr. Obama!

You have been a bad boy Mr. Soetoro! The law will catch up to you someday!
Shame on you Mr. Reed for not even taking the time to
investigate whether or not Mr. Soetoro is qualified for the office he is running for.
Who do you work for anyway?
Shame on you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Principles In Liberty 32

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part IV


Recorded on 12/30/2008

00:50 Valdez boom
02:10 Stephen's proposals http://www.stephenpidgeon.com/
05:50 Sandy's objections
08:00 The importance of proper property title
08:59 Support for the lawsuit
09:15 Conservative Enthusasts where Stephen will be speaking: http://www.consenthus.hypermart.net/
10:00 Tax matters, ecconomic solutions
12:00 Troops to protect the government make it easier for the government to fall.
12:37 Zimbabwe currency http://www.ivarhagendoorn.com/files/blog/zimbabwe-2008-01-18.jpg
13:12 Zimbabwe history
13:51 The story of Steve Bernard
14:35 Stephen's death threat
17:00 People are starting to get uptight about Stephen's lawsuit.
18:23 Clint Bolack and Institute For Justice http://ij.org/
18:53 Writ of Cercariae
19:31 Sandy's proposed Jury System when we lose a justice system.
21:40 The rule of law is crumbling
22:22 High School history
22:50 Sandy states his interim justice system proposal
26:18 Stephen's Peoples Tribunal
27:13 Lost 13th Ammendment
28:30 Judges will get ya
29:04 Bar associations in the time of Blackstone
31:00 How do we remove the complexity from the law?
33:20 60% of the court docket is divorce
34:00 How to get a system that administers the spirit of the law.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Principles In Liberty #31

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part III

Recorded on 12/30/2008 at Steve's home

00:00 George Soros
05:35 DailySourceCode and NoAgenda
06:30 Downturn history
08:43 Stephen's stock picks - Russian Oil
09:36 Georgia gets taken over in 22 days.
11:40 New Dubai Hotel
12:00 Is America Babilon?
14:40 Russian professor predicts civil war in america within a year.
17:00 Huston will be powerful with a Christian Constitutional Republic
18:50 Will the coast get nuked?
20:00 Criminalize coal, carbon tax leads to genocide
20:40 Alternative energy
22:00 Look at the ecconomic collapse of the Soviet Union.
22:46 Back to the lawsuit...
23:30 Kenya already knows about Obama being born there
--- mp3 insert from Detroit radio station interview with Kenya's prime minister.
26:00 We are at the point of lawlessness - when do we start shooting each other?
26:25 Price of gas
27:14 Bankruptcies - 750,000 stores are going to close this next quarter.
28:28 What happens when people start to throw the key?
29:38 The Alaska housing collapse of '86.
32:20 What saved Alaska

For another treat of Steve's music click here.

Principles In Liberty #30

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part II

Recorded on 12/30/2008

00:50 World Net Daily asks Stephen about standing.
01:10 What's standing?
03:39 We have witnessed a coup de ta.
04:09 Republic lost but may be reasserted by state citizens.
05:09 Russions predict our civil war will be here by next fall.
05:35 Obama the sex machine
07:00 What's in a name.
07:30 The Mahdi
09:30 Obama - the man of lawlessness
12:00 Where might Obama go after he is done with the US?
13:30 Israel is eliminating it threats on its flanks in preparation to attack Iran.
16:30 More on the lawsuit against Obama
17:30 Omni will kill the $ and should be announced around the end of January 2009
18:00 Pakistan vs India - it will go nuclear quickly.
19:00 Essine book of revelation
20:13 Don Esposito
20:52 Daniels Timeline
23:15 The Ezekiel 38 war
24:00 Tribes of Ezekiel - where are they now?
25:40 Islam stuff
26:00 Cyrus Scroll
28:35 The Mystery of Salvation vs the Mystery of Iniquity
31:20 The book "Revealed" being written by Stephen. Is Obama THE Islamic Messiah?
33:00 Obama Messiah and fan club.
34:00 Adoption rules - why Obama's name is lawless.
35:20 The mystery of Obama support.

Principles In Liberty #29

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part I

Recorded on 12/30/2008 at Steve's home.

00:54 Steve discusses Moscow during its invasion by the Germans in WWII
02:50 People in Russia dying by falling out of windows.
04:00 Apartment living in Russia
04:34 Commune living in Russia
05:06 Camping in Russia
05:28 High School "Friends"
08:23 Truther stuff
11:50 AIG stuff
12:42 I bring up a cool 911 website.
15:00 FED prefered stock
15:20 I mention my favorite anti-FED video.
17:36 What will happen after the first of 2009
18:40 Canada is under martial law right now
19:20 Terrace BC - has a new mosque
19:50 "Little Mosque on the prarrie"
21:00 K-12 Gay friendly curriculum
21:14 Financial collapse
21:22 Sarkozy
22:03 Dollar will hyperinflate
22:20 Zimbabwe cash - big bills for cheap 23:16 Debt numbers - comparring 1929 to today.
24:00 Early Sept. the USG bought up all the paper futures and stocks. They bought up all the butter too.
24:51 The pound and $ are dropping like rocks
25:18 Swiss frank is rising.
25:30 Stephen coins the Omni as the name for the new international currency
27:16 They will tax everything
28:47 Sharia Banking
29:34 Hoodna - Muslim contracts breeched within 7 years.
30:54 Obama is AntiChrist?
31:00 Things will start moving fast in just a few days.
31:45 Merging the oil interests with the european bankers - an agreement that triggers everything.
32:30 George Soros will engineer the agreement.
33:10 80% approval rating for Obama worldwide.
34:00 Sarah Palin stuff
34:25 Reminds Stephen of Yulia Tymoshenko
34:50 Obama will likely abandon the US shortly.
35:00 Stephen's lawsuit against Obama - Stephen has standing!
36:00 The statute says that any registered voter can challenge the election if the candidate was not qualified at the time of the election.
37:49 "I have the affidavids on Obama"