Friday, January 2, 2009

Principles In Liberty #29

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part I

Recorded on 12/30/2008 at Steve's home.

00:54 Steve discusses Moscow during its invasion by the Germans in WWII
02:50 People in Russia dying by falling out of windows.
04:00 Apartment living in Russia
04:34 Commune living in Russia
05:06 Camping in Russia
05:28 High School "Friends"
08:23 Truther stuff
11:50 AIG stuff
12:42 I bring up a cool 911 website.
15:00 FED prefered stock
15:20 I mention my favorite anti-FED video.
17:36 What will happen after the first of 2009
18:40 Canada is under martial law right now
19:20 Terrace BC - has a new mosque
19:50 "Little Mosque on the prarrie"
21:00 K-12 Gay friendly curriculum
21:14 Financial collapse
21:22 Sarkozy
22:03 Dollar will hyperinflate
22:20 Zimbabwe cash - big bills for cheap 23:16 Debt numbers - comparring 1929 to today.
24:00 Early Sept. the USG bought up all the paper futures and stocks. They bought up all the butter too.
24:51 The pound and $ are dropping like rocks
25:18 Swiss frank is rising.
25:30 Stephen coins the Omni as the name for the new international currency
27:16 They will tax everything
28:47 Sharia Banking
29:34 Hoodna - Muslim contracts breeched within 7 years.
30:54 Obama is AntiChrist?
31:00 Things will start moving fast in just a few days.
31:45 Merging the oil interests with the european bankers - an agreement that triggers everything.
32:30 George Soros will engineer the agreement.
33:10 80% approval rating for Obama worldwide.
34:00 Sarah Palin stuff
34:25 Reminds Stephen of Yulia Tymoshenko
34:50 Obama will likely abandon the US shortly.
35:00 Stephen's lawsuit against Obama - Stephen has standing!
36:00 The statute says that any registered voter can challenge the election if the candidate was not qualified at the time of the election.
37:49 "I have the affidavids on Obama"

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