Friday, January 2, 2009

Principles In Liberty #30

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part II

Recorded on 12/30/2008

00:50 World Net Daily asks Stephen about standing.
01:10 What's standing?
03:39 We have witnessed a coup de ta.
04:09 Republic lost but may be reasserted by state citizens.
05:09 Russions predict our civil war will be here by next fall.
05:35 Obama the sex machine
07:00 What's in a name.
07:30 The Mahdi
09:30 Obama - the man of lawlessness
12:00 Where might Obama go after he is done with the US?
13:30 Israel is eliminating it threats on its flanks in preparation to attack Iran.
16:30 More on the lawsuit against Obama
17:30 Omni will kill the $ and should be announced around the end of January 2009
18:00 Pakistan vs India - it will go nuclear quickly.
19:00 Essine book of revelation
20:13 Don Esposito
20:52 Daniels Timeline
23:15 The Ezekiel 38 war
24:00 Tribes of Ezekiel - where are they now?
25:40 Islam stuff
26:00 Cyrus Scroll
28:35 The Mystery of Salvation vs the Mystery of Iniquity
31:20 The book "Revealed" being written by Stephen. Is Obama THE Islamic Messiah?
33:00 Obama Messiah and fan club.
34:00 Adoption rules - why Obama's name is lawless.
35:20 The mystery of Obama support.

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