Friday, January 2, 2009

Principles In Liberty #31

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part III

Recorded on 12/30/2008 at Steve's home

00:00 George Soros
05:35 DailySourceCode and NoAgenda
06:30 Downturn history
08:43 Stephen's stock picks - Russian Oil
09:36 Georgia gets taken over in 22 days.
11:40 New Dubai Hotel
12:00 Is America Babilon?
14:40 Russian professor predicts civil war in america within a year.
17:00 Huston will be powerful with a Christian Constitutional Republic
18:50 Will the coast get nuked?
20:00 Criminalize coal, carbon tax leads to genocide
20:40 Alternative energy
22:00 Look at the ecconomic collapse of the Soviet Union.
22:46 Back to the lawsuit...
23:30 Kenya already knows about Obama being born there
--- mp3 insert from Detroit radio station interview with Kenya's prime minister.
26:00 We are at the point of lawlessness - when do we start shooting each other?
26:25 Price of gas
27:14 Bankruptcies - 750,000 stores are going to close this next quarter.
28:28 What happens when people start to throw the key?
29:38 The Alaska housing collapse of '86.
32:20 What saved Alaska

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