Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Principles In Liberty 32

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part IV


Recorded on 12/30/2008

00:50 Valdez boom
02:10 Stephen's proposals http://www.stephenpidgeon.com/
05:50 Sandy's objections
08:00 The importance of proper property title
08:59 Support for the lawsuit
09:15 Conservative Enthusasts where Stephen will be speaking: http://www.consenthus.hypermart.net/
10:00 Tax matters, ecconomic solutions
12:00 Troops to protect the government make it easier for the government to fall.
12:37 Zimbabwe currency http://www.ivarhagendoorn.com/files/blog/zimbabwe-2008-01-18.jpg
13:12 Zimbabwe history
13:51 The story of Steve Bernard
14:35 Stephen's death threat
17:00 People are starting to get uptight about Stephen's lawsuit.
18:23 Clint Bolack and Institute For Justice http://ij.org/
18:53 Writ of Cercariae
19:31 Sandy's proposed Jury System when we lose a justice system.
21:40 The rule of law is crumbling
22:22 High School history
22:50 Sandy states his interim justice system proposal
26:18 Stephen's Peoples Tribunal
27:13 Lost 13th Ammendment
28:30 Judges will get ya
29:04 Bar associations in the time of Blackstone
31:00 How do we remove the complexity from the law?
33:20 60% of the court docket is divorce
34:00 How to get a system that administers the spirit of the law.

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