Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Principles in liberty 33

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part V

Recorded on 12/30/2008

00:52 Fixing Due Process to get at the spirit of the law.
01:28 Plea bargin fix
02:07 Example: a serial killer situation from Alaska from Preston
03:06 Letting serial killers go to justify the cost of the justice system.
04:45 Example where a defense attorney is good.
05:55 Democracy kills justice
06:20 Really bad crimes in Alaska litany
07:26 Why this happens. No Ethics.
08:30 more crimes
12:20 Divorce as a cause of some murders
13:47 Every 3 months a guy kills his family and self over divorce issues.
14:37 Get rid of sovreign immunity for judges.
25:25 The snowman case
17:10 Overregulation results in justice system overload.
18:10 IRS repealed in 49, reinacted in 52.
19:25 Tax rates
20:33 Trickle down ecconomics and taxes
21:40 IRS is the flip side of the FED
23:00 Campaign giving reforms
23:43 By what authority...
24:00 Mike Lowry's oath of office issue
26:00 Republican party - its a disaster
27:10 Fraudulent elections
27:45 The Illusion of freedom
28:30 Supporting Bush the second time was the dumbest thing the republicans could have done.
29:05 The republican revolution

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