Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Principles In Liberty 34

An evening with Steve Pidgeon Part VI

Recorded on 12/30/2008

00:47 Publics reaction - the republican revolution
01:10 Sandy's meeting with Jay Inslee after 911.
02:00 Bailouts were garbage
03:00 The FED printed up the $ even after congress rejected it.
03:50 Rothchild bank worth 100 Trillion $
04:17 Drivative debt is 4,000,000,000,000,000 $
05:00 Losses made loans illegal due to lack of reserves.
05:54 Meeting market demand is way higher than meeting legal demand.
06:20 Where do I put my 401k
06:30 Can't physically get gold and silver. (This has changed since I sad it)
07:30 Other comodities to invest in - chocolate, wine. (Sandy says - Honey!)
08:50 Honey bees are disappearing.
09:20 Global cooling to come
10:50 Scripture predicts crops will fail in the end times.
11:15 Christian fellowship and faith is what counts.
13:50 It will come as a flood.
14:25 The frozen mamoths
14:37 He will come as a theif - people just won't be expecting it.
14:55 Daniels Timeline
15:26 Revelation 3
17:20 Luke 21
18:27 In your patience you posess your soul.
18:50 First 3.5 years will be tough 2009-2012 - Christianity/Judaism will be outlawed.
19:40 Vox Day's Irrational Athiest book
20:15 Muslims can be defended but not Christians.
20:40 Why do risky stuff with your money?
21:00 T-Bills are yielding a negative interest rate.
21:30 Monetary reform act - a simple solution to this problem
22:40 How to succeed as a politician.
23:08 Mark Recci
23:20 How congressmen live with themselves
24:05 Survival in Alaska
27:30 Idaho has been sabatoged by the wolf.
29:20 Yakatat
30:10 Cordova
30:40 Pole shift, orbital path of our solar system
31:51 The book of Enoch, the Nephilim
33:00 The Essene book of revelation
34:34 Percheron Horses
36:25 California cuts off all the water to San Joaquine valley.
Note that steve says he saw this on ABC news, but I have been unable to locate the story on the web. (sandy)

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