Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Principles In Liberty 39

Campaign for Liberty

Recorded on 5-22-2009
00:55 Booth Interviews: 1) The Free Enterprise Society: Paying wages in silver
03:12 Stranger in the hall 2) Liberty works radio network - 27M listeners
05:10 Libertarian Party: Small Debate about who's rights get protected
11:51 Audience Member 1: Involved in 2007. Got involved via an email from a friend., UTube,
12:52 Member 2: Used to be a "DC" apathetic libertarian till he heard Ron Paul. 20 Years Old.
13:42 Member 3: Theatre Student: "He told the truth" a surprising thing. "Probably the most truthful politician in American History."
14:40 Can the Republican Party be saved? A: Maybe. lindsey graham
16:04 Members 4&5: 2004 voted for Bush - raised a Republican, then I started thinking - things didn't make sense. 2008 candidates: all the same.
17:44 Peter Schiff. Stockpiling food. So. Carolina debate - Ron Paul stood out from the crowd.
18:57 Do you think Ron Paul's election was stolen? A: Yah. Now I think they just fight to be in power - there isn't a hope.
20:42 Jay Inslee was in a debate with Newt Gingrich.
21:20 Member 6: We need to get back to the constitution. Followed Ron since 1970s.
22:39 Member 7: Two young guys (maybe gay?) "If I thought Ron had a significant chance, I would for sure support him." "The reasons for the war didn't make sense and I think 911 was an inside job." The Shaw instilation had a blowback which Ron Paul predicted. "That man is telling the truth."
25:03 Do you think we have a chance? A: If this money does not help the ecconomy we will have severe inflation. More people will start to pay attention.
25:58 A lot of our politicians don't understand the conspiracy stuff but they are now begining to wake up to the need to audit the FED.
27:47 Member 8: Black Vet. age 34: Ron got my attention when I listened to his different views. I was shocked when I first heard him that he was able to carve a place in Washington.
29:07 Even though he thrashed his opponents in the debates the Media never gave him a fair chance.
29:36 Was the nomination stolen from him? A: I think yes. The primaries were taken from him.
30:25 It seems Obama's rise was a little too easy.
30:39 I would support Alan Keys and Synthia McKenny.
31:19 what was your take on the Iraq War? A: For me mostly boring, mostly a wast of taxpayer money.
32:08 Obviously the war was wrong.
32:38 Its obvious from the lack of investigations that its totally bogus.
33:18 Military Industrial Complex is why we are in that war and oil.
34:06 911 was an inside job. I kept an open mind but eventually I cought on.
34:41 There was a whitewash investigation - evidence removed, people who do investigate thend to get marginalized.
35:25 "American's are largely a compfortable people" I don't think that without 911 we would have woken up.
36:52 The information is definitely out there (with the internet) so they have no choice but to wake up.
38:10 My conclusions for this segment

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