Monday, June 29, 2009

Principles In Liberty 41

Thinking Philsophically from my ranch home


Recorded on 6-26-2009
Just me talking
01:19 A little biographical information
02:00 JBS info and contrasted with the Campaign For Liberty
04:07 School Textbooks proved to me the conspiracy was real.
05:40 Why did the JBS fail?
05:59 How does C4L compare?
06:30 Is it human nature? What the average person has to do.
07:30 Burn-out
08:52 Is C4L gonna work? Contrasted with other groups.
10:12 We're not really here to give in a collective sense.
11:16 The west is dying
11:40 Look at the church's movement westward.
13:00 Eschatological battle in my mind.
13:30 The moral law is the key behind the civil law and freedom.
13:50 The golden rule
13:58 The bronze rule
15:20 Charity is the perfect thing to do - fits both rules.
16:06 I don't have a conclusion - I'm lookin
16:39 The family is the core of society - its a given.
17:10 The fruit of the Huxley way
17:30 Education - must be done in the family.
17:52 Madison Ave. Propaganda system + tax system makes it near impossible to fix society.
18:20 Fixing the system is always an uphill battle by nature.
19:15 The whole world is reaping the product of post-modern thinking.
19:53 I'm stuck - do what you can. Love one another.
20:15 Love at different levels.
21:20 There is a blessing in doing love - it must be seen to keep you going.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Principles In Liberty 40

Campaign for Liberty

Recorded on 5-22-2009
01:15 Tom Woods
01:20 Why we should be encouraged (and terrified).
02:12 Very Significant - we are starting to claw our way out of a system that has given us our leaders by propaganda
02:40 Questioning the 7th Grade Teacher syndrome - getting the genuine history.
04:07 In the 19th century people actually talked about money issues.
04:30 Starting in 1913 we were told to leave that to the experts.
05:36 The terms of the debate are predecided.
05:57 In comes Ron Paul and breaks the blocade of discussion.
06:52 We are starting to set the terms of the debate.
07:20 We are taking a bazooka to the issues concerning the FED
08:07 Good things happening: Bob Murphy
10:35 NYT refused to review the book Meltdown.
12:13 End the Fed - Ron Pauls book.
12:50 Non-book events: Judge Napolitano's
13:39 Light and truth just need a little crack to shine.
14:12 Ron's opponent in the primary: Trey Grayson - a drone.
15:45 Ludwig Von Mises Institute
16:30 Pope John Paul made it visible the difference in numbers from the governed and the govornors. We are numerous - at least 200000.
18:00 Ron Paul gets the credit.
18:45 The ecconomics sphere will never be the same. The Von Mises sphere is the fastest growing one.
20:24 At least we are going to put up a fight.
21:03 We don't have the luxury of listening to speaches and then going home. We know what is happening - we are under a special obligation.
21:57 Reading List to get up to speed
23:00 A prominent professor admitted he just chose the theory to teach based on the prevaling political thought with no research at all.
24:15 We need an array of talents working together to fix things.
24:54 Von Mises Quote!!!
26:00 Anthony Gregory - MC
26:10 Ron Paul is a giant in history. He started warning us back in the 1970s.
27:07 Rudi Juliani Debate
27:20 He took up a cause against the central bank and worned us and is now vindicated once again.
28:36 He not only was right but has exposed to us how many of us there are.
29:29 Ron Paul talks:
30:00 Thanks - this effort is starting to pay off.
30:14 Things are changing in washington - they know you're out there and they are starting to pay attention - numbers count.
31:07 HR 1207 is comming along with 127 co-sponsors.
31:40 The conditions are different now and we are getting peoples attention.
32:55 If you had not been active, it wouldn't have happened.
33:22 Economy is obviously a big issues - some good things comming out of the debate.
33:40 Contrast with 1929 crash - Kainsianism was just comming into vogue back then. Now Mises is comming into vogue. Who will get blamed?
34:48 This time we have the edge - they can't blame the gold standard this time.
35:21 Conditions are different than they have ever been in the history of the world.
36:45 I think we as a country will suffer more because we gained more in the bubble.
37:25 People in washington don't even blink an eye at a trillion $.
38:00 If they can bail out AIG, they can bail out California.
38:40 The FED is on its last legs.
38:56 The possibility of the FED self-destructing is real but we can't sit back and wait.
39:30 Civil War situation contrasted.
40:50 Currencies go quickly at the end
41:29 Even if we lost all our wealth but kept our liberty we would be back on our feet very soon.
41:54 What I would ask if I were president - repeal the income tax.
42:56 Cut overseas spending.
44:02 Democrats add spending, Republicans then gripe, then the Republicans pass their own spending increase.
44:53 The people are way ahead of the congress.
45:03 The war on drugs - its worthless - its a war on the people.
45:49 Even doctors prescribed drugs are horrible.
47:30 Prohibition - that needed an ammendment to do - why doesn't the war on drugs?
48:18 CA needs states rights. Maybe they would pay their own bills then.
48:48 Environment - the left understands the arguement for state rights.
49:46 Local government is best - but the opposition is pushing world government.
50:35 WTO wants to regulate drugs and food.
51:00 If there is a total collapse of the $ I think the people will just ignore washington.
52:00 The intellectual fight needs to be won - defend honest money, limited government.
52:30 Ex. Credit Card Bill = price fixing.
53:35 We have pretty good respect for freedom of religion but it doesn't translate to what we put in our bodies.
54:15 Hemp vs Raw Milk issue.
54:30 The philosophy of us taking care of ourselves and helping our friends freely should win.
55:00 Car company bailout issue
55:45 Cap and Trade - it will liquidate your wallet forever.
56:49 Young people are loosing confidence in all the spending.
58:00 Ron is seeing all kinds of people who already know about sound ecconomics.
59:20 Global warming - we have to answer these questions.
59:50 I have no hope in the prevailing bailout programs.
01:01:00 The War - is it legal? Is it moral? Does it do any good?
01:01:45 Mathew Alexander - How to break a terrorist.
01:03:15 I never go to secret meetings. You never learn a thing. All you hear is propaganda.
01:04:15 Policies don't change - but they talk about it all the time. Gauntanamo Bay.
01:05:45 The idea that we have to fight them there so we don't fight them here makes no sense.
01:06:00 We have lost 5000 more americans, displaced 2.5M people over 911 - we have not fixed a thing.
01:06:45 All we are doing is making it easier for them to get us - so said Sadam Hussein.
01:07:11 I am convinced that the bankruptcy will be comming.
01:07:38 Optimism comes from telling the truth, having transparency and letting people know where we stand.
01:08:12 On the contrary, if all we hear are lies - who can we believe?
01:09:00 The people are beginning to no longer believe what we (politicians) say.
01:09:55 What should you do? Do what you want to do. Work where you are gifted.
01:10:40 The rule of law is crucial.
01:12:00 Liberty provides self reliance and happiness in life.
01:12:50 Liberty is key and I am optimistic that we can work our way out of this.