Monday, June 29, 2009

Principles In Liberty 41

Thinking Philsophically from my ranch home


Recorded on 6-26-2009
Just me talking
01:19 A little biographical information
02:00 JBS info and contrasted with the Campaign For Liberty
04:07 School Textbooks proved to me the conspiracy was real.
05:40 Why did the JBS fail?
05:59 How does C4L compare?
06:30 Is it human nature? What the average person has to do.
07:30 Burn-out
08:52 Is C4L gonna work? Contrasted with other groups.
10:12 We're not really here to give in a collective sense.
11:16 The west is dying
11:40 Look at the church's movement westward.
13:00 Eschatological battle in my mind.
13:30 The moral law is the key behind the civil law and freedom.
13:50 The golden rule
13:58 The bronze rule
15:20 Charity is the perfect thing to do - fits both rules.
16:06 I don't have a conclusion - I'm lookin
16:39 The family is the core of society - its a given.
17:10 The fruit of the Huxley way
17:30 Education - must be done in the family.
17:52 Madison Ave. Propaganda system + tax system makes it near impossible to fix society.
18:20 Fixing the system is always an uphill battle by nature.
19:15 The whole world is reaping the product of post-modern thinking.
19:53 I'm stuck - do what you can. Love one another.
20:15 Love at different levels.
21:20 There is a blessing in doing love - it must be seen to keep you going.

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