Friday, February 5, 2010

Principles In Liberty 47

Recorded on 1/27/2010

This is an interview I picked up from the web and edited down for your convenience.
Lindsay Williams was a chaplan for the oil companies in Alaska in the 70s. I met the man personally back then when he was a speaker for the John Birch Societie's Speakers Bureau and was telling us about the fake oil crisis at the time.
Since that time Lindsay has periodically disclosed things he has learned from oil insiders he has a relationship with from those chaplan days.
Of note, in recent years he has accurately predicted changes in the price of oil many months in advance.
This lecture is what an 87 year old insider told him very recently about What the NWO insiders have planned for the US Ecconomy in 2010.
This appears to be a sales attempt on some DVDs Lindsay has available but I have always respected Lindsay. He may make some money in what he does but I have never known him to fabricate information to do so.

We will see how this year goes.

His predictions:
The NWO couldn't control the food supply so they are going to run the dollar down about 50% in value this year (slow enough so the people don't jump ship) with more to follow in the future.
"There will be a time when Americans won't be able to afford the food in the grocery stores."