Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Principles In Liberty 47

Recorded on 3/16/2010
01:00 Jane Hague Intro
02:00 My Intro - Note that all the people on the panel have the SAME BOSS!
03:00 I wanted to bring up Allodial title and maybe the two constitutions issue.
03:30 Just a vent meeting but good for Jane to have.
04:00 My questions to the panel (see notes following these)
06:47 End of my comments.
07:10 Jane and Lloyd: "I never heard of this"
07:40 Lloyd: All properties are on the role.
08:20 Lloyd: During the depression the county got $ to have all properties photographed. Over 66000 parsels were not on the records.
09:00 Now with GPS we are even more scientific.
09:30 Jane: Exempt vs Taxed
09:47 Lloyd: Some are not taxed due to state limitations but all are on the roles. The properties are identified but not assessed.
10:35 Jane: Its safe to say that a lot of stuff is no longer taught in our schools.
11:00 Me: There are numerous cases on the internet of people that claim to have gotten allodial titles.
12:00 Other Guest: Whyn Cannon - chairmon of League of Washington Tax Payers.
12:30 5 questions were asked of 15000 people about what they think is happening with government at all levels.
12:50 Q1: What would happen in your mind about government per-se - 26000 answered - Government is to larget (68%)
13:26 Q2: What about the cost of government? A: Too high
13:30 Q3: Why do you feel that? A: Government is spending too much money.
13:48 We are at the point where government is not only providing but they are controling.
14:19 Our property taxes are high on the aspect of control.
14:40 Property taxes have gone up and up and up. How are we doing on the second depression concerning taxation?
15:00 We don't own our homes, our homes are being rented from the government.
15:25 The people are going to have to do something.
15:40 Inituitives - there are now 13 different things that inituitives meet and do.
16:00 We are not being represented. We will be attacking the property tax issue in the comming years.
16:21 The people need to control property taxes.
16:50 Lloyd: Over half your taxes are voter approved.
17:23 My conclusions.
18:00 A grandma that promised to devote the rest of her life to fight property taxes.

Here follows the notes I brought to the meeting and handed out.
Some fundamental questions about Property Taxes
1. In 1878 the first constitution for the state of Washington was ratified. In that constitution it states: (from http://www.crtf.org/waconst.html#Admin)
“Section 23.
All lands within the state are declared to be allodial, and feudal tenures, with all their incidents, are prohibited.”
2. Somehow, since that time, our property titles have been converted from allodial to a fee-simple form.
3. If I don't pay my property taxes, the county can take (alienate) my property from my control. This effectively makes property taxes a type of rent.
• It appears that many people claim that it is possible to regain allodial title to land by bringing forth the land patent into the current owners name: (see http://www.breakthematrix.com/node/9497
http://freedom-school.com/land_patents-allodial_title.pdf http://forum.freestateproject.org/index.php?topic=5023.0 )
1. How is it that we the people gave up allodial property rights in favor of Fee Simple titles over the past 150 years in every single country in this country? When did we grant this change to the counties and states?
2. Is it true that the county holds two lists of properties on its tax roles - those that are taxed and those that are not?
3. Why are these facts not taught as history in our government schools - including our universities?
4. Is it true that we are entitled to pursue allodial titles in King County and thus remove ourselves from the jurisdiction of property taxes?
Other references:
Washington’s two constitutions: http://www.crtf.org

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