Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Principles in Liberty 49

I had a long chat with Red Beckman and Steve Pidgeon on various issues. This took me a long time to transcribe so my appologies. Hope you enjoy it!
Recorded on 2/18/2010

00:00 Introduction of Red Beckman
02:00 The High Crimes of Barack Obama (Steve Pidgeon) Dr. John Hanson
02:24 By realeasing a fake birth cert. Obama committed a high crime of mispersonation - 15 years in prison.
05:00 Red's theory on Obama - when subosed at Columbia, Obama was training at Pakistan.
08:00 Dr. Manning will be trying Obama at his church.
12:47 Steve Pidgeon - Book by ex op for the DOD called "Ghost".
14:50 Barak visited with the new power in Pakistan soon after airplane crash mentioned in the book.
15:44 Obama prounced Pakistan as if he has been there.
16:00 Manning shows clearly that Obama didn't attend Columbia.
16:19 Rashid Kalini - Hesbalah - was a prof. at Columbia and connected in Chicago. (Tony Resco) (Bill Aires) - on Commission funding the Arab American Association? who were funding Hesbalh.
17:48 Obama has taken $20M and spent it to repatriate Hamas agents.
18:30 Obama has been getting money to Hesbalah since the 80s.
19:30 $350M funding from Saudi Arabia into Obama coffers - a felony as well.
19:46 George Soros contribution - also a felony.
20:28 Elegibility issue of Obama is significant.
20:47 Red: in 1939 95% of the black people in this country were literate. They have deteriated ever since.
21:46 Red: Theological connection. No two prophecy teachers agree - so its not God.
23:00 Denominational world is confusion.
23:20 Satan is the God of the religeous world. (1980)
24:20 1979 at holiday inn meeting in Billings MT, a man came in and called Red.
25:05 At breakfast this man said to Red: I've gone to all the monitary conferences...
25:34 Steve (another steve) comes in ...
26:05 "Why doesn't somebody file a treason charge against Obama?" Steve Pidgeon - been done - everybody is in on it.
26:50 Now I see how Bible prophecy can be fulfilled - Obama.
27:30 Muslim Eschatology related to Obama. Mahdi fits Obama.
31:48 Steve Pidgeon - "I think the father has prepared Obama to be the anti-christ should it be his time."
33:40 At the G20 Sept. 23rd, 2009, meeting in Pittsburg, Obama gave Erdogon the green light to reform the Ottoman Empire.
34:30 Erdogon then immediately closes several defense pacts with surounding countries setting up the Beast (ottoman empire) to rise out of the sea.
36:00 Obama also intends to get Jerusalem out of the hands of the Jews.
37:25 At Copenhagen, Obama went there to meet the president of the EU to agree to allow the Ottoman empire to declare itself a nation before the UN.
40:24 Same Reid and Rob Mekenna ignored Steves efforts to being Obama to justice.
40:50 Red: Sued a judge in 1993. All facts to be tried by 7th ammendment trial by Jury - not ruled on yet.
42:20 Every time Red filed to have an issue done by jury the issue was dropped.
43:00 Steve Pidgeon - Barack intends to rule in Jerusalem not here in the US.
44:20 Otoman empire is the nation that recieved the 'fatal headwound'.
47:45 Steve Pidgeon - get "Gods War On Terror."
48:30 Obama will betray everybody.
48:57 Back to Red's story about the guy at breakfast:
49:27 I've never heard of a speaker who could hold a croud like you (red) do.
50:00 Should I write a book? Wrote the "Born again Republic".
52:00 sold first 10,000 copies in a month.
52:50 Education has been hijacked.
53:20 Home schoolers are remarkable.
56:20 Home schoolers are so socially adept.
57:24 Red: Back the the theological issue: confusion
57:42 what happened in the begining? Why did God "repent himself" that he had made man? He made a mistake because he created Lucifer in a previous creation. Where was Lucifer at when there was no light? He was in heaven being an accusor.
59:54 Eternity goes both ways. How many creations have there been?
1:00:50 God turned out the light on the previous creation due to Satans rebelion.
1:01:20 God tells Lucifer he will redeem his planet.
1:02:00 You don't bind a spirit with chains. Man is to subdue and dominate the earth.
1:03:30 Let there be - the spoken word was sufficient. Why on the 6th day did God not say "let there be Adam"? A: He was challenging Lucifer's dominion of the planet when he made man out of the dust of the earth.
1:05:54 There is a plan to redeem this planet. "For God so loved the World".
1:07:20 It would be easier for us to recognize what is happening if we kept this in mind.
1:08:08 Lucifer will be taking on flesh - so he can be chained.
1:08:31 Judaism is anti-christ by definition.
1:08:50 Satan is a counterfieter.
6:09:53 Michael fought with Lucifer over the body of Moses.
1:10:20 The clay body of Jesus now sits at the right hand of God the Father.
1:10:30 Mark of the beast - a counterfiet of the rebirth of salvation - the "Death Again" experience.
1:12:28 In 70s, a guy named John Crans, a small time contractor, weekly meetings at the Holiday Inn in Billings Montana.
1:15:50 John Crans - read Revelation and he said "Christ is comming back and we better be ready."
1:16:14 Steve's bible study on end times.
1:18:00 Beckman on Jewish issue.
1:19:00 Jews are a religion not a race. (I tend to disagree - pharaseism is the religion)
1:20:20 The bankers are todays jews. Ashkanaze Jews.
1:22:20 Catholicism may have been created by the jews.
1:22:50 Steve: What is the popes mitre?
1:23:50 Red: Could Mohamed have been another product of the jews?
1:27:00 Vatican Assasins
1:27:20 Ezekial Emanual - kill off the elderly first. Planned genocide.
1:29:00 Bush indited at world court for war crimes.
1:29:30 Steve: "There is no law"
1:30:00 Red asked to campaign for George Bush by a friend. Within a few months the friend was "straightened out".
1:32:00 Korean War Stories
1:33:30 Steve: Bertram Russel - most evil guy in the world.
1:34:30 Jesuits and Stalin
1:37:00 Margret Chan of the WHO - another evil genocidalist.
1:38:20 AIDS came from a vaccine
1:38:50 Red: Lost a cousin in the war.
1:40:45 Steve: Assasination of McKinly
1:41:25 Planned subversion of US from the beginning.
1:42:00 Red: Sam Pits - inspired The Law that Never Was. (
1:48:30 S. 240 - Born Again Republic
1:53:00 Gordon Kaul

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