Thursday, August 5, 2010

Principles in Liberty 54

Recorded on 8/4/2010

01:22 Bowman Starts his inaugural address should he be elected president.
01:50 C: Democrats appeal to controlling corporate greed.
02:27 Bowman wants to follow the constitution - this is good.
03:00 C: What is a signing statement?
03:33 Repeal dictatorial powers of the president.
04:04 C: He's on a great roll!
05:15 C: Back to a paper ballot - right on - but the beginning of demagoguery is happening here.
06:36 C: Public funding of elections - how does this improve the electoral process?
07:43 Proportional representation and other changes to promote third parties.
08:00 C: Are two parties really the problem? Bastiat's the Law is ideal to explain Dr. Bowman's errors.
10:54 C: Are elections fixed at the federal level?
11:24 C: A political party is a private association. Government should not be involved in this at all.
13:30 Constitutional amendment proposed: Corporations are not "Persons".
14:00 C: This is a new one to me. Government already controls corporations. The Constitution isn't the appropriate place for this.
16:14 Media Reform: Reinstate the ban on ownership of multiple media outlets.
16:25 C: This is meddling in private property - this is unconstitutional. The FCC itself is unconstitutional. This guy is a socialist.
18:12 The key to ending fascism is separating big money from big power.
18:25 C: This is not possible. We must decentralize the power.
19:30 Indite the Bush administration for war crimes.
20:00 C: Right on Bob - this is what government should be doing.
21:00 I expect the military to refuse obeying illegal orders.
21:15 C: Danger Will Robinson! Not wise to order your troops to not obey you.
22:43 Duty to the constitution far outstrips other priorities.
23:00 Dual Citizenship should be done away with in government positions.
23:22 C: Right on Bob.
23:53 Never follow orders to participate in a war of aggression.
24:10 C: The soldier is not the one to decide the validity of a war. The people decide that via their reps in congress which is supposed to declare war before the executive commits troops.
26:29 Never follow orders to incarcerate citizens without charges.
26:40 C: Waco was the breaking of the Passe Comatatis Act. It needs to be reinstated.
27:24 911 is being used to take our rights. The 911 cover-up discussed.
30:00 C: So refreshing to hear the truth of 911 being talked about by a political candidate!
31:18 911 must be exposed or our wars will never stop.
32:19 Other cover-ups to deal with - Murders of female soldiers in the field.
32:48 Pat Tillman - sport start, war hero, conscientious objector, victim of murder in the field.
33:17 Levina Johnson case - tragic.
34:25 "A government the honors the truth must uncover the truth and then tell the truth"
34:35 C: Bobs best quote!
35:15 Government should reflect the values of its good people.
35:42 Real wages are 1/3 of what they were in the 1950s. Ordinary workers today would be making $1.2M/year.
36:22 C: He proposes minimum wage controls to fix the ecconomy. This is socialist and will not work.
37:50 Tariffs to keep jobs in the country.
38:00 C: I'm not sure about tariffs - seem necessary but is interference in international economy.
38:41 Limiting corporate executive income tax deduction.
39:13 C: Another socialist solution - tax incentives. The whole income tax is unconstitutional by its nature. Bob needs to understand this.
40:38: Executive order to require government contractors pay their workers a "living wage".
40:50 C: This is whacky. In the same breath he supports the constitution and supports a socialist solution via an unconstitutional vehicle - executive orders. "Congress shall make all laws" This makes Bob a dangerous guy.
43:15 Environment issues - skipped but in sum we should double the gas mileage of cars and trucks.
43:39 C: The government doesn't own the environment. The people (should) own the land. The proper fix is allodial titles of land to physical people and inheritable without taxes to the next generation.
45:20 Release all those detained without charge.
45:30 C: Totally correct Bob.
46:20 Do away with anti marijuana laws.
46:30 C: See Lysander Spooner’s work on the law and vice. But the executive branch is not the party to decide which laws to enforce. Congress needs to fix this. He should only not enforce laws that are unconstitutional - not what he doesn't like.
48:00 Using mercenaries is unconstitutional.
48:12 C: That's new to me. I don't know of any limits on hiring mercenaries in emergencies in the constitution. But let’s declare war first.
49:25 All contracts with mercenaries are canceled. Abolish Homeland Security Agency.
49:37 C: Right on Bob! Let's abolish all the agencies FDR created - they are all unconstitutional.
50:00 Wars of aggression. The US has no evidence against Osama Bin Ladin and we knew that Hussein did not have WMD because we put 150000 troops on the border in one location before attacking Iraq.
52:25 "The whole 'War on Terror' is phony from beginning to end"
52:28 C: Preach it brother!!!
52:35 The collateral damage of the wars discussed.
54:00 Bring the troops home while they are still alive. Stop using depleted uranium weapons. We must bear the cost of caring for our injured and poisoned soldiers.
54:54 C: The men all volunteered. I don't see a proper obligation to do legal plunder again to support veterans. Two wrongs don't make it right.
56:00 Globalization bottom line: Suspend NAFTA till Mexico reforms itself economically.
56:24 C: Not only is Bob socialist - he is dictating his socialist solutions to other countries. Whey not can NAFTA? Why just suspend it? Does he support the American Union? Bob can be used by the bad guys just as well as the neo-cons were used because he is a socialist.
58:00 Can the FED. States should form non-profit banks. Licence not-for-profit banks.
(Post Production Note: He want's to dump the FED but he respects the IRS which is the other side of the same coin.  Clearly Bob is confused.)
58:40 C: Right on Bob.
58:50 Close the School of the Americas
59:00 Abolish the CIA. Transfer the good analysts to other agencies.
60:00 C: This is not as simple as it seems.
1:01:00 These wars are part of a long bloody history of collonial policies. We are taking irreversable steps to return to a constitutional foreign policy.
1:02:07 C: Multinational corporations are tools used by good and bad guys. The bad guys have other tools. You won't fix this by destroying corporations or taxing them to death. We are against an international gang of thugs. All the governments need to wake up to how they are bing used by these gangsters otherwise we will be the target of all nations if we reform.
1:04:30 Recall forces from around the world. After 65 years the occupations of Germany and Japan will come to an end. Use Jimmy Carter to straighten out the Israelis.
1:05:00 C: We cannot solve Israel's problem. The governments should not be interfering with each other. This is right from Washington and Madison.
1:06:30 Suspend all financial assistance to Israel till they reform their government.
1:06:54 C: Why not cut financial assistance to all nations? It's all leagal plunder anyway.
1:07:20 We need to honor our treaties for disarmament.
1:07:17 C: This is a can of worms. These treaties were made with the UN who aren't really a legit government anyway. Hard to say these should be enforced. It’s also just not possible to remove nukes from the earth without a global police state to enforce it.
1:09:05 I am not likely to last long in this job. If I have a suicide be suspicious. They can kill me - but they can't kill what we started - its too late for that now.
1:10:10 C: That’s all for now.
1:10:30 My question to Bob live about using executive orders to enforce things. His answer.
1:12:15 Conclusions by me. Bob is a hero and a dangerous man.
1:14:18 The Law excerpt on false philanthropy.