Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Principles In Liberty 55

Hot Cops
Recorded on 10/9/2010

1:09 Glen Stoll's Texas Adventure
1:39 An incident in Lewiston with the cops on 10/1/2010.
2:30 Cops pull over a guy that parks in the Albertsons parking lot and block a lady parked next to the guy.
3:30 backup cops come and block more traffic.
3:58 People are scared to death as they maneuver around the cops.
4:22 Takes abour 45 minutes for the arrest to be completed.
4:35 I wanted to offer myself to the perp as a witness but was too indimidated to do so!
4:53 If I parked the way the cops did, I'd be getting a ticket myself.
5:42 The perp isn't bothering anybody and cooperates as much as he can.
6:00 Homeland Security == KGB, a totally unconstitutional national police force.
6:19 I was really insensed and wanted to call the Lewiston Police Dept, and find out more about this.
6:46 Later I went to a volunteer fire department meeting.
7:00 They just got a grant from Homeland Security
8:25 These grants are a backhanded method of forcing spending on what people don't support.
8:50 Taxes need to be made voluntary again.
9:00 This dovetails into Glen Stolls adventure in texas.
9:30 Gist: Glen Stoll doesn't cary plates for any state.
9:47 Why doesn't he have plates?
10:07 History of the Motor Vehicle Code - couldn't find any good links on this.
10:32 Horses didn't need plates way back when.
11:00 First automobiles didn't have plates or licenses either.
11:42 DOL is the center of insantiy.
12:13 I think the MVC was part of the UCC.
12:27 Motor Vehicle is a special commercial term. As is "driving", "operator", etc.
13:00 I haven't been able to confirm these ideas.
13:14 proof of ownership is the bill of sale. But I have to "register" this car with the state.
13:42 A title's legal construction is a trust. You and the government share title to the car.
14:21 Driver Licenses used to always be called "commercial" licenses.
14:46 Now all you see in WA is CDL - but now that is gone too. Idaho still shows its commercial.
15:26 I have tried to find clear evidence of this commercial scam but so far without success.
17:15 It is my contention that the lawyers have been hiding this commercial aspect of the MVC.
18:00 I've ordered some dictionaries that I hope to get online for comparitive use.

Here follows a transcript of Glen Stoll's Abatement written from his Jail Cell in Texas.

Memorandum of Fact, Agreement and Law
On or about Friday, April 16th, 2010, 10:30pm while on a missionary journey heading for interstate 10 from an assignment in Austin Texas, I was riding in the Church Ministry automobile with Michael Shurtteff, my fellow missionary behind the wheel.  Michael brought to my attention that there was an emergency behind us with lights flashing.  He pulled over for the vehicle to pass.  As the vehicle was taking a long time to pass, Michael said something like "maybe he's after me".  I said "how could that be?  You are always extra careful not to exceed the posted limit and the cruise control was set."  When Michael pulled completely over and stopped off the road with the vehicles still behind us, I said "maybe you were swerving a little and he thought you were drunk or something." 
The emergency vehicle driver who came to the window appeared to be a Texas state trooper.   He asked the usual questions about ID and expressed his displeasure about our faith as church resident citizens by saying things like "the kingdom of heaven is not here and now.  You can't be from the kingdom of heaven." and "The post offices don't allow general delivery anymore."  The last taunt was in connection with accusing ambassador Shurtteff of giving false information.  After being out of the automobile for a short time, ambassador Shurtteff returned long enough to tell me "looks like I'm under arrest".  Upon my asking what the charges are, one or both of them responded with "driving without a driver's license".  I asked something like "when did that ever become a crime?" Being a Church official myself and actively involved with the identification, registration, and licensing process, it is my understanding that he does have a current valid drivers license, whether or not he was able to present his DL to the trooper, I cannot say. 
Next the trooper asked me to get out of the automobile after first having told me to stay inside.  He then asked if I had any weapons on me. I told him that I had a pocket knife in my right front pocket that I would be glad to leave in the car.  He then began to display great agitation, barking out orders that were extremely confusing like "spread you legs" when they were already spread and "stop resisting" when I had no concious knowledge or intention of resisting.  I was attempting to be as cooporative with him as possible.  I am not accustomed to dealing with people who behave in such a rude, beligerent, and arrogant fashion and tone.  He was screaming at me at the top of his lungs and with a distorted voice.  I just froze.  The next thing I knew, I was down on the ground and he was riffling through my pockets.  He took everything out and returned my billfold but kept my church passport, my pocket knife, and my special herbal oil that I use for sinus injection and other healing purposes and annointing services.  At no time to I recall him ever asking me to identify myself or to show him my identification.  If he had, I'm sure I would remember becasue I am proud of my lord and savior Jesus Christ, and enjoy identifying myself as belonging to Him and Him alone.
On several occasions during this ordeal I asked the trooper something like "what are you doing?" and "What is it you want from me?"  The only answer I recal from him was to my question "Am I being arrested?" as he was helping me up from the ground.  His answer was "you are now".  I then asked "on what charge?" He said "for resiting arrest."  I said something like "how can I be arrested for resting arrest when I wasn't being arrested for anything in the first place?"  His response was, which he repeated once again as I was being taken away by Johnson City Police Officer David, "You were resisting arrest, search and transport".
Upon ariving at the Blanko County Jail, I said to the officer, "it appears we are both being arrested for preaching the gospel without a license" to which he said "this isn't the first time that has happened."  The officer did his processing and then locked us each in separate cells.  During processing, the officer asked for identification information.  I told him that the trooper had taken my church passport but that I had a church issued driver license if he would like to see that.  Since I have taken a spiritual vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience into a special sacred order of gospel ministry, as the scripture says, "all things have become new and old things have passed away to be remembered no more".  I explained the similarity to that of a monk of the Roman Catholic of which I am not, but with similar concepts.  The vow of poverty is that everything I had, have, and ever hope to have belongs to and is under exclusive control of Jesus Christ and his Church.  I am only a steward of anything in my posession and am answerable to the rest of the body of Christ for my faithful management of it on their behalf.  The vow of chastity means that I am never again to have intimate relations with the great whore or any of her harlots which are any of the systems of government of men that are "drunk with the wine of the wrath of her fornication" and the vow of obedience is to Jesus Christ and Him alone as a loyal minister of the Gospel and ruler in His kingdom.
Therefore as an agent in legal terms for managing certain temporal affairs as an ambassador in political terms being the Kingdom of Heaven to a lost and dying world, and as a minister in spritual terms, minister as unto the most high, even to men of low estate and submiting to every ordinance of man for the punishment of evil doers and the praise of them that do well.  Under the above mentioned vows, I have become civily dead, have expatriated from citizenship in a secular governement and have become exclusively church resident as a fellow citizen of the household of God.
Having said all that, this is how it is possible for me to not have a date of birth.  I have known several people whos date of birth is not the same as the actual day upon which they were born.  Some who have been adopted from other countries and another date was simply assigned to them, and some who were assigned a date of birth for legal purposes to be used to identify them as human resources and property of the secular state.
Since it is possible to have a date of birth that is not the same as the actual day upon which you were born, it is also possible to not have a "date of birth" at all if you are not a human resource and subject property of the state, which I am not, as explained above.  I have been bought and paid for with a price that of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, I cannot serve two masters.  I have expatriated according to the several laws of the United States and that of International Law.
I have not expratriated because I hate the United States of America, on the contrary, I love my country and I love the principles upon which the US of A was founded.  I have expatriated from the corupt, godless ,secular humanist, defacto United States that has overthrown and userped the authority of the original dejure US of A that was established in the fear of God and under the authority of Jesus Christ.
Again, I love my country, and my country is the kingdom of heaven that is within, on the face of all the earth, and my beloved home and native land, America. "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty".  It is people like me, and those who respect or at least tolerate us that make America great.  It is people who have no respect for the things of God, or of the people of God like me, that have destroyed this great land.  Which of these are you?  As Alexis De Tocville said, "America will be great only as long as America is good".  He went on to say that by good he means "bible believing, God fearing, and Christian but also tolerating and respecting others who are not; but not letting them take over as they have because they do not tolerate or respect us, and will soon the entire nation, even those who claim to be Christian brothers against us.  What is happening to ambassador Shurtteff and me here in Johnson City, Texas is an example of the latter.
The above has been explained to some extent or another to many of the people here at the jail, including the Johnson City chief of police, several Blanko City deputies and others.  On Saturday afternoon, April 17th, 2010, we spoke with a magistrate - Bob Riley who was attempting to secure our release and that he would see us again that evening, but he never did.  I had explained to him that a deputy had attempted to take my fingerprints earlier but we agreed to wait and see what the magistrate had to say about taking fingerprints against my will, having already been subject to unlawful search and seizure, arrest, and incarceration.
The magistrate ruled that we would be released after he returned that evening, but only if they had my fingerprints first.  I confirmed that I would not give my fingerprints, believing it to be unlawful, but that I would not resist their unlawful taking of them.  Complete sets of my fingerprints have been taken about 5 times as of this writing, sunday late evening, with still no sign of seeing a magistrate, even though we have been told we would be seeing one on Saturday evening and several times on sunday.  Now we are being told that we will see a magistrate tomorrow, Monday April 19th, 2010, but who knows.
The Johnson City police chief told me that if I do not give them a date of birth, which I do not have, or tell him the actual day upon which I was born, that they will never release me.  I have repeatedly asked for "assistance of counsel" but have been refused.  The police chief that I would stay in here for  life without "assistance of counsel" unless I provided them with a date of brith and place of birth.  I told him that wont be very long then because I am on a spiritual fast without food or water until such time as I am released.
During one of the fingerprinting sessions, I mentioned to a young deputy sheriff that it is sure boring being locked up in total isolation all day and all night.  He said "its not supposed to be pleasant. That's why people wont to come back here."  I said, "I didn't want to come here in the first place."  He said, "then you should have obeyed the law."  When I sugested that I sounded like he wanted to see me punished without charges, trial, conviction, sentencing, or any other due process of law, he said, "that is exactly what you are in here for, punishment."  There has been casual meniton of several charges like "spending and altering government departments" in addition to what I have mentioned before, but neither of us have seen anything yet.
For the most part, except for the "aresting" state trooper, everyone here has been very curtious and respectful, except for keeping us caged up like animals for no good reason, and having us on survelience camera 24/7 being viewed by both men and women even while using the "open room policy" toilet with "gray bar" doors and narrow slits for windows.  So much for pastor Paul's theory about privacy in public toilets. However, this evening they have allowed us to take showers in our cell, and towels, and an orange uniform to put on.  Boy!  Did they get mad when I put my own clothing on.  I put their uniform on only as a curtisey to them in order to keep them from resorting to the physical violence they threatened against me if I did not comply against my will.
I asked the older of the two deputies if I could have some paper and a pen and he said, "you do something for us and we'll do something for you" so here it is, and I am wearing orange.  A very pleasant lady guard just came in and told me that it is 4AM.   They never let you know what time it is unless you ask and sometimes not even then.  I had no idea it was so late.  This should be enough for attaching to my foreign plea in abatement.  I would also like to get this to my lawyers and Pro Advocate Group that can be found on my website at more resources.
The forgoing is true, correct, and certain.  Materially complete and not misleading.
Signed at John City Jail, Texas, on this 19th day of April in the year of our Lord 2010.
Signed Glen Stoll, Ambassador of Jesus Christ.
Following this was Glen's last will and testament in case he should not leave the jail alive.