Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Principles In Liberty 56

V76 - Galambos
Recorded on 11/30/2010
Andrew J. Galambos

V76 Lectures
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The V50 Lectures in written form are here.

00:37 I wont pay for the v50 lectures because I don't understand the Galambos trust - why even after he is dead his trust will not release the content of these lectures openly. I see no reason for Galambos to demand income from these lectures. (Note: Upon doing some research while publishing this post, I noticed that he does have his volitional science in paperback form - however it is indeed a rare and expensive book. (paperback only $400!  Note the book reviews on this - it may well be worth every penny!)  Upon reading the Wikipedia Biography of Galambos, it appears to me that he has only managed to attract attention from a very small minority of people.  There appears to be very little around on the net on Galambos)
01:00 Bonnie Lang published the V76 lectures free recently (well, make that in 2001). See links above.
01:26 Glambos is a political thinker who believes it is possible to create a society that doesn't use force.
01:45 Remember Spooner - a similar "anarchist" type, was also a Deist.
02:07 The secrets of this is locked up in the v50 lectures. (Either pay $125 for the mp3s or $400 for the paperback)
02:26 I was impressed with the V76 lectures.
2:35 Galambos is hard to listen to due to his pauses in his speaking.
02:50 My Summary of V76:
03:50 Paine's "Common Sense" was read by 1 in every 6 Americans.
04:24 Paine's "Crisis" was 13 letters used to inspire the volunteer army troops during the revolutionary war.
05:00 That war was totally voluntary - no taxes used.
05:41 Paine started as a corset maker, failed, became a tex collector, failed, got reinstated, failed again, left for America on advice from Ben Franklin and wrote for a Pensylvania magazine which he brought back from near collapse by writing all the articles under pseudo names. Paine wrote articles against slavery and for women's rights in that magazine.
06:30 Paine became a radical principled man. Paine was a Deist as it sounds like Glambos is as well.
06:50 Likely the confusion of the reformation turned people off and gave rise to Deism which dismisses many issues of religion - very close to unitarian thinking.
07:40 The goal of Paine to do good for the world in some ways shames many christians I know. Deists seem to care more about this world than Christian's do.
08:20 Glambos seems to feel the world (in the 50s) had less than a century left due to our WMD technology.
09:00 The would-be rulers of the world seem to care not about the world itself.
09:15 Glambos asserts that Paine wrote the initial version of the Declaration of Independence and that what ended up being used was a watered down version that came out of committee. Glambos gives pretty persuasive evidenct to support Paine's authorship of the Declaration of Independence.
10:20 Paine invented steel bridges and got involved in the French Revolution and narowly escaped a beheading in France.
10:50 Paine died a "pennyless wretch" as some have told me. But the reason he died this way was because he gave everything he had away and never took all the credit due him from his writings and inventions.
11:00 After his death, bad biographies appeared which tainted the name of Paine in history.
11:30 Glambos feels that Paine didn't go far enough and that we should have abolished government altogether. Glambos feels there is a sientific way to get to a force-free society and protect all property including intellecutal property without compulsion.
12:38 We live in an age of corruption. I don't yet accept the premise that there is a way to conduct society without the use of force.
13:05 Glambos' arguements remind me of the utopian communist view of the state withering away after the revolution. (He makes assertions without giving good example of exactly how a force-free society gets implemented.)
13:45 Why is Glambos's stuff not out there in written form? (It is, I was just a dope.)
14:00 Volitional Science SHOULD be able to be boiled down to a few pages of key points and spread efficiently around the world. (This I have not seen but I suspect Galambos' requirements for his students to sign NDA type agreements is why.)
14:44 Glambos points out that Paine had the ability to put ideas into a form that made things happen.
15:00 Glambos emphasizes that to get to freedom you don't fight tyrany. You fight FOR freedom.
15:45 I look forward to checking out the V50 lectures and relating that to you in a leter podcast. (I said I wouldn't buy them, but maybe I lied.  Maybe my curiosity will pry the money from my fingers.)
16:40 Government schools have taught us to be slaves.
17:25 Glambos loves Isaac Newton.
17:58 Lyndon LaRouche does NOT like Newton. An interesting conflict.
18:45 The logic of Newton allows reason to dump God. This sets the Deist up to take over. Add Darwin and we are done with God.
19:25 We are now in the post-modern Man-is-God position. But we are trying to move back.
20:20 closing remarks.