Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Best Podcast in the UNIVERSE!

I just wanted to give a plug for The No Agenda Show which I currently consider to be The Best Podcast in the Universe.  (I have added this banner to the bottom of my blog)
I stumbled upon this podcast via another podcast - Adam Curry's DSC (otherwise known as the Daily Source Code) which I found because I thought I could keep up on technical happenings.  Adam is a very entertaining DJ on this podcast and plays music and discusses his life and perspectives on the world.  At the time I stumbled onto the DSC, circa 2002, Adam was fast asleep, unaware of what was going on in the world politically but was begining to wake up.  I would listen to this podcast as I worked on my deck and I witnessed firsthand the awakening of a patriot at heart.  Adam began to change, he got out of drugs and loose sex, began to respect christianity, began to realize life was larger than making money.
Somewhere I think around 2007 Adam got together with John C. Devorak and they began doing the No Agenda Show.  I had heard of John many years before.  He is a long time silicon valley media figure who has covered technology for  years.  The No Agenda Show was an attempt on their part to comment on the news of the day together from each of their considerably unique and experienced perspectives.
They make an excellent team with Curry being more open to wierd ideas like conspiracies, UFOs and such while Devorak ballances Adam with critical skepticism and a more old-school approach to things.
Both of these guys are excellent researchers of the news using the web and TV as it was meant to be used.  They connect dots and reveal a host of scams we are being sold daily by the media and commercials in a way that is far more entertaining than your typical political commentator shows.
Adam keeps things light and entertaining with his DJ skills, playing jingles and funny soundscapes to keep things moving, transitioning cleanly, and keeping you awake.  John contributes with his slide whistle and occasional helium voice as skype messes up occasionally.
They do this all live and I am sure spend many hours prepairing for each show.  Each show can be as long as 2 hours - this will test your cheap MP3 player for sure!  Unfortunately, the length prohibits using your CD player to listen to this in the car.  It's probably best heard while commuting or driving on trips - so I suspect the Car MP3 player manufacturers should be donating to the show.  You need to pay attention to get all that is packed into each podcast but this is not hard cuz it's entertaining at the same time.
A very unique thing about this podcast is its funding structure.  Because they do critical analysis on the events and media of the day, they do not accept advertising to pay the bills.  Instead, individual contributions fund the effort.  Their goal then becomes entertaining and pleasing you, the audience, instead of the sponsor(s).  It is probably well under appreciated how much the advertising model effects shows like the news and any political commentator.  It seems to eventually suck everyone into this ubiquitous media model driven by advertising which is in turn driven by big $ like big pharma, Detroit, and ultimately the big bankers.  The advertising model has probably been one of the biggest reasons we have become a Huxley brave new world order over time.
A lot of bad things are going on.   You can decide to scare yourself to death with InfoWars or Prison Planet or you can take the lighter side of life and learn while you laugh with The No Agenda Show - The Best Podcast in the Universe!
If you have never listened to this podcast, I recommend you listen to this one first which isn't really a regular show but is a gathering of discussions on the Leviathan Oil find off of the coast of Israel done by a listener.  I think it is one of their best ones ever and I have listened to 99% of the podcasts since it started.
Be careful you may learn something without really trying!