Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life without an SSN

My daughter, bless her heart, is wanting to honor me by not getting an SSN.  So far she has done so to my glory but is about at that point of testing where getting one seems mandatory.  She is almost 21 and needs summer work for school.  She asked me for help in how to get a job without an SSN.
So I thought I would write out my thoughts here to help myself, her and any others in a similar situation think about this.
First of all you must know WHY you don't want an SSN.
You must have this crystal clear in your mind and best write it down so you can give it to anyone that questions your motives.
So why would anyone not want an SSN?
I can think of several reasons why not to have an SSN:
  1. The Social Security System is just a tax you don't wish to volunteer to pay.
  2. Entrance into a job as an "Employee" is a federal term that makes you a participant in the Federal Employment Insurance scam which subjects you to the IRS code for such and is used by the IRS to confuse a citizen with a contracted factitious entity.  It is where "Income from any source whatsoever" applies.
  3. If you live in a free country (ie slavery is not in effect) then there should be no reason you have to enter into an agreement with the federal government in order to sell your labor for profit.
  4. SSNs are not forced onto anyone. You (or your parents in the case of the "get them before they can think" scam) must APPLY for a number.  You must ask/beg/plead/beseech them to "let you join".  It is therefor a voluntary club - if not, you once again are a slave.
  5. Joining the SS system is a way of witnessing to the world that you are a good-little-lemming.  It adds to the unspoken lie that such is required and leads to causing other young citizens into giving up holding onto their sovereign rights both individually and collectively.  It is not loving your neighbor in this case to conform.
  6. It grants many unspoken jurisdictions over you including the jurisdiction of the IRS.
  7. It makes you an outstanding example to others that there really is a choice here.  That one CAN ignore the SSN scam and live.
I can also think of many reasons why you would want an SSN:
  1. So I can just be "normal".
  2. So I can easily get a job or a bank account or a credit card or all the other niceties of life everyone else gets.
  3. So I won't get in trouble by making a mistake and go to jail some day.
This is the first step - YOU have to decide which way you are going and why.
I never had to make this choice because mine was given to me by my parents and I had no idea what it meant when I filled in my first job application or EZ 1040 form.  If I did have the choice and knew what I know now, I STILL would have a hard time deciding.

You can always just try to get a job and see what happens a few times.  Then decide to go get that SSN at the request of your employer - at least then you are conforming to someone else's request to do so and not just volunteering to be a slave all by yourself.  It at least gives you a small out when justifying to yourself why you got into the rat race like everyone else.

Write up a letter to your prospective employer beforehand explaining WHY you don't want to participate in the SS system.

Since I like writing stuff like this, here is a sample letter I just whipped up:

To whom it may concern,

I wish to most humbly express my desire not to enter into the Social Security System and my reasons for such a choice. 
It is my sincere belief that entering the Social Security System is voluntary and has no moral reason to be a requirement in any way.  The US tax and employment laws are quite complex and many follow them with good intentions, yet I cannot see any moral reason why such laws should exist.  If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, why should participation in a government employment security program be mandatory? 
My labor is my exclusive property, released by my will alone.  If my labor can be taxed then my freedom to work is impaired and my very being is subject to indentured servitude.  Such a stance is demeaning to the human condition which is by nature free.  Such servitude is also a bad example for others to follow and ultimately promotes bureaucratic tyranny.  Conforming to participation in such a system obligates me to obeying laws I neither understand nor wish to know.  Participation therefore exacts a promise from me I cannot fulfill in good conscience.  To participate in such an obligation would thus force me to lie.
I seek merely to live an honest life.  I cannot live without cooperating with others and employment is the main way I can do this.  I must work but, if possible, I wish to work with a clear conscience at all times.
Please do what you can to allow me a chance to demonstrate my strong integrity and work ethic to you without forcing me to compromise my conscience and I will be most appreciative and will do all I can to be pleasing in your sight.

Joe Blow, a thinking and conscientious objector.

The reason almost any employer might not hire you is not your fault at all.  Many would just LOVE to not have to report you and pay FICA and SS taxes on you.  They would love to be as free as you do.  But, they too, are grossly confused and fearful of what the big bad men in black might do should they get caught hiring you without an SSN.  They will likely hold you in very high esteem - having the guts to be free and honest when they did not.
What you must do is convince them  that such a stance is actually necessary and to stand with you for freedom.  This is exceedingly HARD.  You don't even know them.  You're just another applicant.
If the business is family run and small, you may find a willing helper to allow you to do a short-term low-paying job for them without an SSN.  I am sure many illegal immigrants do this all the time.
But the best way to go for you is to do your own business.  This puts all the risk upon you alone but gives you all the rewards as well.  You would basically have to try to run a business without a license - which is going to in turn eventually require you to get an SSN.  This seems like another royal evil - how in the world can you dare run a business without a license?  Doing so makes you one of those evil money launderers and one of the those that "doesn't pay his fair share". But it also lets you live without lying and obligating yourself to all the pretend law invented for all the lemmings that walk through the license door.
We so fear going to court as a defendant - but all defendants are not guilty - even convicted ones may be innocent and often are.  If you clearly understand WHY you are taking your stance and stick to it, when push comes to shove, even the jailer will be ashamed of himself for putting you behind bars - if that should be your fate.  Remember, if Peter didn't chose to serve God rather than man, even from jail, the church would now not likely exist.
It is extremely sad to me that one is forced either to obligate oneself to slavery and lying or become a crusader for freedom at all costs.  It is the true mark of a free man and all that shun its demands deserve what they get - theft and slavery.
But you don't really need to know all the intricacies of law to live this way.  You just need to believe that what you are doing is right and stick to it.  God will either grant you a living or persecution - but that is always a possible outcome regardless of whether or not your are a coward or a hero.
You will basically come to one decision and problem after another and no one can tell you what they will all be in advance.  As you approach each bridge, pray to God for His help and be sure you are free of all sin before Him.  He will grant you the desires of your heart if you truly believe and trust in Him.
It is the hard choice of adulthood we all must make and I feel for my daughter as she does her best to do what is right.  God please grant her strength and wisdom as she makes these hard decisions.

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