Saturday, March 15, 2014

Irish Anarchy
A friend of mine posted this link on facebook and asked for my feedback.
Well, this is awesome.  Apparently Ireland gives us a historical example of how to operate without a lot of government interference. The ideas expressed in this video match those I have expressed in this blog many times and fits well with my Micro Republic idea.  (I have GOT to get that site written!)
Anyway, the idea is that outlawry provides a very good enforcement mechanism for most cases and klans and guilds form the social nexus out of which spontaneous and efficient justice can be done.  In today's time, I think Micro Republics could server a similar role.
The only weakness I can see in the libertarian anarchy movement is that they lack the sense our founders had in realizing that self government can only work with a moral populace and those morals need to be based on God's laws - the ones that work.

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