Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Is Property Theft and act of war?

Today I went over my property with a logger to survey it for harvest.  I found out that about 6 months ago a rule was changed that now restricts harvesting of trees within 75 feet of my stream that has been classified as "class 1" which means it can support wild fish and so must be protected from the evils of the sun.  This despite the fact that there is a state fish hatchery downstream of me that catches all the fish anyway.
I contacted a person associated with the shade rule and asked them why I can't cut trees on the south side of the stream that will never contribute shade to the creek.  The answer I got was that it would disturb the roots around the creek and would thus destabilize the ground around the stream.  Never mind that water always seeks the lowest point and ground stabilization is not needed except in erosion cases which my level stream would not have.
I then asked him what about simply building a barn on the north side providing shade for the stream.  Once again, that didn't matter.  A barn isn't natural and so its shade doesn't count.
It doesn't matter whether I am clear-cutting or just trying to thin it to make it more accessible - I am no longer the owner, just an enslaved custodian who must pay rent to enjoy my role.
I was also informed by the logger that I have to obtain a burn permit to require me to clean up the burn piles that the logger will leave behind.  If the logging company does not get this permit, they can get into much trouble.  Never mind the fact that this permit which I must sign relinquishes my rights and subjects me to external regulations I normally would not be subject to.  This is regulation by strangulation.  Use the commerce clause, once again, to gain control of services and then use the denial of those services to force others to grant you even more power by contract under duress.
Meanwhile, although I must conform to all these regulations for public safety and protection of the environment, last summer the government allowed the entire Selway area of forest land to burn the entire summer.  No fees.  No costs.  No protection of wildlife, land, water or anything. The logger pointed out to me that the forest service doesn't sell logging rights on a fair basis, fails to maintain the roads for access and doesn't even allow simple harvesting of trees that are accessible and need cleaning.
I used to have my garbage collected only a short distance from my home but, to save precious taxpayer funds, the county now has me drive 10 miles away to do that, meanwhile, since that time, my property taxes have doubled.
The logger also said that owners all over this area are equally as upset as I am at these thefts.
On top of all this you can see an earlier post I did years ago about my water rights - which are actually only an application for a water right that can never be actually granted.  This is being done to keep people calm as federal cases proceed to declare all my water belonging to the Nezperce tribe.
I also recently got my property tax bill that added a new parcel to my land for an extra bill.  I called to inquire with the assessor and found that my land has been designated as farm land and that is what the new parcel was about.  She said I should be thankful that is is not based on full market value or I would really be paying out the nose.  Never mind the fact that I can't mine my own property either and I can't make any claim on it either.  My fair market value  would be much higher if I could mine this place.

I believe all of this constitutes theft of my property.  I believe the proper solution for this is to simply call a jury and have all this stuff nullified.  But that is not possible.  The system protects itself by having its own goons in the middle, preventing the will of the people from prevailing.
Each step of theft by itself may not seem like too much, but when combined, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, we have a plan to impose nothing less than tyranny.
I believe all these lilliputian lines of control each constitutes acts of war against the free people of this country and a full scale reformation is needed.  Maybe I can ask Bill Gates for some funding?

Will we wake up in time?