Monday, June 15, 2015

Who is KrisAnne Hall?

I got to hear this lady speak today at a local church.  Her topic was a Genealogy of the Constitution.  I was surprised to learn several things I had never heard before despite the fact that I have been a student of history and the constitution for many years.
See here website here.
The documents I had never heard of were:
She held these to be where our constitution and bill of rights came from.  I have argued in several of my posts that the Bill of Rights came from the Pennsylvania Minority Report.but it is quite possible that the minority group got their ideas from these documents.
This woman is such a breath of fresh air!  She fully understands the basis for liberty and the many distinctions needed to not be fooled by the demagogues into a ditch.  She could be Steve Pidgeon's sister!
Her lecture was geared towards the middle-school aged kids and so could not go into great detail but mostly just got the history right.  I know she would love Brent White's Excellence of the Common Law.
I had no time to discuss with her the path we take to get back to liberty.  I didn't know if she was familiar with the many legal problems we have like congress disbanding itself Sainai-Di at the end of the civil war, or the lost 13th amendment, or the distinction between voting and electing.  She knows we live in a de-facto universe I am sure.
She gave me much hope after a lifetime of being unsuccessful at getting many people turned around - even my own family.
Check her out.  I highly support her and her mission!